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Tree fellers at it again!

The Sequoiadendron giganteum,

– better known to us as
the Wellingtonia tree.

This tree has the distinction of being the largest living thing on earth, although you couldn’t say that about the two trees in Queen Street, opposite the Post Office.
This tree can reach a height of over 60ft although the record is a tree in California that stands at 280ft – again, you couldn’t say that about the two on Queen Street.
This tree is also fast growing and has roots that spread out, not down.

Now this you can say about these two trees.The roots have spread so far that they are damaging the stone retaining wall that fronts the Queen Street footpath, to the point of its being dangerous.Kettering Borough Council has instructed Mr & Mrs Askew, the owners of The Croft, to rebuild the wall. Read more →

The Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Newsletter

This image is the very first front cover of
The Newsletter.

It shows exactly what the magazine does.
It delivers the News, and it’s done by a team of like-minded people who enjoy contributing to the community.

The Newsletter is in need of an editor.  In its 32 year life, it has had just four editors and only two of those were professionals.  Monica Rayne and myself were strictly amateurs and both learnt ‘on the job’.

The current Editor, Beth, will be winging her way home to the USA in the late spring, after she’s produced the spring issue, so a new editor is required.

Can you use WORD?
Can you cut and paste?
Can you insert pictures/text?
Can you work in a team?

If so, those are the basic components of editing the magazine.

Interested?  Then read more . . . Read more →

Geddington Amateur Dramatic Society

Geddington Amateur Dramatic Society

For those of you that do not know (and a reminder to those that do), Geddington has a thriving amateur dramatic group. We put on two productions each year at the Village Hall, in the spring and autumn. Read more →

The United Reformed Church – The Flower Festival

Children’s Classics is the title of this year’s Festival.  Many of the flower arrangements will bring a touch of nostalgia to those who remember the tales of Rupert Bear, Black Beauty and many more.

There are nine beautiful arrangements, one of them being produced by the Sunday School children. There are table arrangements to see when you stop for a cup of tea and some home-made cakes. Read more →

St Mary Magdalene – The Flower Festival

Treasures & Pleasures

Every year, the flower arrangers amaze us with their skills, their imagination and their ingenuity, when it comes to the annual Flower Festival. This year is no exception, so to leave room for the 22 arrangements, plus a few close-ups, let’s just quote the Chinese Proverb:
“A picture is worth ten thousand words.” Read more →

New Waste Recycling Scheme

Kettering Borough Council’s New Waste Recycling Scheme.

Geddington’s black waste bins have had a green label attached to them today (Friday 14 June) to let us know that this is the start of Kettering Borough Council’s new recycling scheme.

To start with, a NEW BLUE bin will be delivered next week (Friday 21 June), although the scheme will continue to use the black and grey bins, plus the current red box. However, there are quite a few changes to the items that can be put in each bin or box.

Read more →

Farewell to Reverend Giles Godber

A Fond Farewell

An accountant?!! With that disarming smile and friendly voice – Giles Godber an accountant?!!

Well, yes, that’s precisely what he was before being called to the church.  But we didn’t let that stop us taking him into our hearts and into the heart of our community. And now, after nearly thirteen years of his wise words, his quirky streak and the familiar red car, we are having to say goodbye to him as he rides off into the sunset, or should that be, into Somerset? Read more →

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