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Trundling on

Geddington Cricket Club &
Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade

held their annual Trundle on Sunday 24 September in brilliant sunshine (those were the days!).

Thanks to Paul Boniface, is able to bring you a picturesque flavour of the day.

And the tug-of-war between North Geddington & South Geddington:

Well done everyone who took part – very brave people,
even if they knew what they were in for,
and especially if they didn’t!

The Autumn Equinox

Water, water everywhere . . .

You’ll never know the worth of water
till your well runs dry.

The Village Hall Needs You!

The Village Hall needs a new lick of paint!

The Village Hall is a tremendous facility used by many, but is in need of a lick of paint!

We are now ready for the final push to get volunteers together this
Saturday and Sunday 12th & 13th August 9am – 6pm

We are particularly looking for people on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

If you can help please do! All equipment and refreshments will be  provided.
Contact details are on the poster, or just turn up!

Please come along and join others in completing this worthwhile village project.

If you can’t read the poster, either click to enlarge or contact details are:
Ron Snaith tel: 422829
John Doran tel: 460230 mob: 07989 138432

Archaeological Excavation, why not join in?

Chester Farm
is looking for volunteers to support their annual archaeological excavation
in the second half of July.

Whether you are new to digging, have done a little but want to do more, or have lots of previous experience, we can find tasks for you to enjoy.

When is the dig?

The dig will run from Monday 17 July to Friday 28 July 2017.

What will be involved?

The practical tasks will include:

  • digging (hard manual labour!)
  • using a trowel
  • cleaning and defining features
  • some processing of any finds that are unearthed

We will be excavating in the area of what was, from the 18th century, the walled garden and orchard beside the farm buildings. We know there is likely to be surviving archaeology from Roman and medieval times, as well as more recent periods.

Days will run from 8.30 am to 4 pm. Minimum attendance is a full day. You need to be reasonably fit and prepared to get a bit muddy!

The total number of places will be limited and will be allocated according to demand. The majority of spaces will be for those who prefer digging with a smaller number for finds processing.  We want to give as many interested people as possible a chance to ‘have a go’. You must be 17 or over.

Where is Chester Farm

Chester Farm is situated just off the eastbound A45 between Wellingborough and Rushden, with free parking, the postcode to the visitor car park is NN8 2DH

How to apply

To express interest, please email, stating:

  • your level of experience
  • the dates on which you would be available to join the excavation

We will send out confirmation of the dates you are invited to join us plus further information, once we have allocated spaces, one to two weeks before the start of the dig.

For further information, please visit


General Election 2017 – the Results

Congratulations to Philip Hollobone, who has been re-elected as Member of Parliament for the Kettering Constituency


Results of the 2017 General Election

28,616 votes – Philip Hollobone, Conservative, an increase of 6.1%
18,054 votes – Labour
1,618 votes – Liberal Democrats
1,116 votes – The Green Party

The turn out was 69.3% from an electorate of 71,440,

2015 Election
Conservative: Philip Hollobone: 24,467 votes,  51.82% of vote
Labour: 11,877 votes, 21.15% of vote
Green: 1,633 votes, 3.36% of vote
Lib Dem: 1,490 votes, 3.16% of vote



The Great Garage Sale in Action

With over 70 stalls, this year’s Great Garage Sale promises to be as good as it gets.

Out of the 31 Streets, Roads, Closes, Lanes and Hills in Geddington, 18 of them have official stalls on them.  So there is plenty to see, as well as plenty of walking to do, as can be seen from the map that is issued for visitors.

Garage Sale map

These are useful maps for visitors to the village, as they show where the streets are and where the stalls are on each street. Also useful for village residents!


Jackie & Gordon

The £1 charge for each map
goes towards the

church funds.


Jackie and Gordon, who organise the event each year, have maps for sale on their stall at 2 West Street, but this year, there are maps being sold throughout the village. This is particularly useful for those who park away from the village centre – an area that gets more than its fair share of traffic – and allows a more gentle approach to the Sale.

The village centre couldn’t have looked more different from the event held there on Thursday, the school’s May Day celebration. Then the focus was on children, today it’s on adults and bargains galore!

None of the roads are closed, so care has to be taken when walking around the village, as the crush of visitors pushes many people on to the roads.

The early rain didn’t dampen stall holders spirits as the plastic sheeting came out to protect the goods. But, typically, the sun came out in time for the official opening time. Many of the stalls are selling their items for charities, many for other purposes – perhaps a house clear-out or a de-clutter.

Whatever the reason,
its a Great day out at Geddington’s Great Garage Sale!

May Day – 25 May 2017

In the article posted last Tuesday, I asked if anyone had any further information to add to the list of participants in earlier May Days. I received a most unusual, and very welcome, reply – from Rev Rob Parker-McGee.

We agreed that the May Day tradition had been kept alive in the village for many more years than the school’s involvement, although I couldn’t begin to give a date, but Father Rob pointed out two carvings in the Chancel of the Church, behind the High Altar, where there are two effigies of both May Queen and Consort,  which could suggest a medieval connection. The following two images are of the May Queen and her Consort. Age hasn’t dealt kindly with the stone, but colour can still be seen on the daisy-type flowers around the queen’s head.

Forward to 2017, and Thursday 25th May dawned with a stunningly bright summer sky, which augured well for the coming festivities. After the short church service, the children paraded from church to Cross, led by Imogen and Eric. Head teacher Martin Adamson, introduced Jim Harker CBE, who performed the crowning ceremony. Whilst the classes were lead to their seats, there was an opportunity for parents to take photos of their youngsters on the steps of the Cross.

Mr Adamson then introduced a new aspect to the event, by introducing first, Anne-Marie Sandos, Education Officer from Boughton House. She was dressed in a WWI nursing uniform from the Volunteer Aid Detachment and, secondly Graham Bundy, dressed in a WWI uniform of a Major in the Northamptonshire Regiment. Each explained the elements of a Heritage Lottery Funded project in which the School and Boughton House have joined forces, to research and write guided tours to explore the impact the war had on village life. Naturally, has offered help and information from our Archive.

Then the really serious aspect took place – the dances, which the children had been practicing for some time in the playground. (Living so close, I can now hear the tunes in my sleep!). All six classes took turns to do the twelve intricate dances, culminating with the incredibly complex Sword Dance. Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to all the teachers and helpers who created another wonderful, traditional, May Day.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Copies of any of the images are available from Pam Hopkins,

The May Day Tradition

According to one of my articles, the modern May Day tradition that we know and watch, with the pupils from Geddington school, started in 1951. However, we have, in the Archive, an image that looks like a May Day photograph, but is dated 1949.  Whatever the true date, it’s still a tradition that has been kept alive for over 60 years.

Here, on the website, we have been  compiling a list of May Queens, the Consorts, the crowners and all the attendants. A couple of years ago, we published the list as we knew it then and asked if anyone could contribute to it. We had a good response with names, photos and interesting stories. When that source dried up, we went to the school where Brenda Miles and I compared lists and filled in the gaps where we could.

It’s very satisfying to record that the list of May Queens is complete with the exception of 1955!  Does anyone know who it was?

1974 Parade from church. May Queen: Sally Bradbury, Consort: Rodney Bird, Attendants: Kristi Dennis, Helen Kemp.

We also have photos of many of the earlier ‘Queens’, but few of the later ones. We would dearly love to have those to put in the Archive. (One meaning of archive is: a collection of records, it doesn’t mean old age, so don’t be shy!)  Scanned photos in .jpg form to or actual photos we can borrow and scan to 9 Grafton Road, please.

Our final request is for names of all the other participants. Below is a .pdf file of the list of those who took part, with lots of blanks and we would very much like to fill in as many as we can of the consorts and attendants and, if you were there and can remember their names, the people who crowned the May Queens.

Thank you for any help you can give. And let’s hope for fine weather on Thursday, this year’s celebration of Geddington’s May Day tradition.

Click here to see the list: May_Day_Queens_of_Geddington_2017


Geddington Garage Sale

The 2012 Spring
Geddington Garage Sale
– was the name that this major fund-raising event was first called.

It all started when the Friends of the Church were looking for new ideas to raise funds. The first Sale was promoted in the 2012 Spring issue of The Newsletter, with the persuasive comment that it was ‘better than a car boot sale – you can nip to the toilet for a start, this is recycling on a grand village scale!’ The article continued:
You can set up a table outside your house with:
– Things you always meant to ‘Car Boot’ but never got round to
– Things you have made yourself (cakes, cards, jams etc)
– Items to raise money for you or your favourite good cause
For a pre-paid £5 per stall to Friends’ funds (£10 on the day) we will:
– Advertise the event across the County
– Include you in a map for buyers to see where your stall is on the day
– Trade stalls will not be allowed.

Very little has changed in the five years that this very successful event has been held. Jackie Binley, organiser and co-ordinator with her husband Gordon, has said: ” It has gone from strength to strength with everyone, including the world and his wife, joining in. Higham Ferrers, Gretton, Brigstock, Woodford and many others copied us. Some people rang me up, asking for advice and I gladly gave them a few tips on how to make it successful. The first Sale was boiling hot with people getting sunburnt and a stall selling candles had their stock reduced to pools of wax! We had over 100 stalls.”

“The money for the Friends is raised by Stall fees, Map sales and various Friends’ stalls, such as the book stall next to the Cross. The maps are usually confusing to strangers who find the directions strangely odd. People sometimes complain either a) The maps are nowhere to be found b) Maps are too complicated or c) Why should I pay for a map? I explain it is a donation for organising the event, but only once has anyone refused.”

The 2017 event takes place on Saturday 27 May, from 10am to 4pm. There are refreshments to be found, along with toilet facilities, at the Chapel on Queen Street and the Church of St Mary Magdalene on Grafton Road.

Jackie commented: “There are stalls on most streets, but there seems to be a proliferation on Wood Street this year, but there’s over a week to go for more stalls to enter from every street. She finished: “I have never suggested that stallholders should give me details of the money raised, but I bet it would be interesting to find out!”


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