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Community Awarded to Geddington’s Brickyard Garden

The directors of Geddington Brickyard Garden have sent news of a well deserved award.



“It’s with great delight that we let you know that Geddington Brickyard Garden (GBG) was awarded Joint 1st by CPRE (Northants) with their new Community Award 2018 and received a bright, shiny new plaque that we’ve placed with pride on our entrance gate post.”

“CPRE (Northants) is our regional group of the ‘Campaign To Protect Rural England’ whose aim states: ‘We work to protect the beauty, diversity and tranquility of the Northamptonshire countryside. We care deeply about the future of rural landscapes and townscapes in our county and the quality of life for the people who live there.’

Although a huge surprise, GBG want to acknowledge that this award is solely due to the help and support that we receive from our parish community, in all respect. So many folk have helped to transform this former ‘derelict space’ (in 2014) into the welcoming green space that it now is. And who knows how our community garden will continue to evolve with new ideas and fresh energy?

HUGE thanks to you all from the GBG founding directors, Brenda, Ian and Lynette.”

PS (from the editor) The GB Garden displayed the first snow of the season today, 17 January, with the snow caught on the overnight frost.  It arrived at approximately 7.15am, and only lasted 3-4 minutes, but enough to be noticed, especially if you had to scrape a car windscreen early this morning!

Gardening Tips for January

Although the garden seems dormant, new life is already stirring . . .

Christmas Tree Festival Report

Margaret Leaton and Vic Crouse wish to thank everyone who came along to support the Christmas Tree Festival held on the 8th and 9th December at the Church of St Mary Magdalene. We are very pleased to report that with your generosity, a grand sum of approximately £2000 was raised and this will be added to the funds for the upkeep of our church. That is a superb result and puts the topping on a brilliant week-end especially as we do not have any major sponsorships for this event.

Every club, society and individual who entered a tree is to be congratulated for providing a wonderful display with such a wide variety of themes and decorations, many of which were painstakingly hand made.  As a result, we wanted you to know that there has been a great deal of generous, complimentary and encouraging feedback for which we are most grateful. It was absolutely wonderful to see the church full to bursting with people most of the time.

Geddington Christmas Tree Festival

The Festival is one of the main fund raising events for the church and we hope that we can continue the tradition again next year. Anyone is free to take part and decorate a tree and it is important to have adequate numbers so that we can fill our beautiful church and put on a good show.

Huge thanks are also extended to the many volunteers who undertake a variety of tasks throughout the week-end including the non-stop catering, especially Jane Rowley and her team for the Sunday stint.

Thanks also to Jane Rowley for producing the Nativity Pantomime on the Friday evening – it was Fab-u-lous!!

Next year we will be welcoming our new vicar and we can look forward to new ideas and possible changes affecting our church events. However, we are sure that many of our traditions will continue and the more support that we have from all of you, the better and more enjoyable the events become.

A massive thanks to everyone and meantime, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a very happy New Year.

Vic sent this report just prior to Christmas, so we apologise for the delay in publishing, but I’m sure the message of thanks will still be well received, and well deserved – Ed.

The Parish Council, Anglian Water & Pollution has received the following, seasonal, message from the Parish Council
– it’s well worth the read!

Geddington Parish Council is working in partnership with Anglian Water to remind residents that we all need to play our part to help look after our loos, sinks and the environment.

Around 80 per cent of blockages in sewer pipes and pumps are avoidable, as they are caused by fats, oils, grease and unflushable items like wipes, which may also contain hidden plastics.

Four out of five sewer floodings in homes, and pollution incidents, are caused by a blockage, so it’s in all of our interests to minimise the risk by putting unflushable items in the bin and only flushing the 3Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

Wipes, sanitary waste, fats, oil and grease all build up over time and cause blocked pumps – as well as pipes – stopping water flowing freely. At Christmas, there is also an additional risk from extra cooking with people tempted to pour used cooking oil down the sink instead of waiting until it is cool and recycling it or binning it.

Over the coming months, the Parish Council will be working more closely with Anglian Water on how we can all play a part to bin waste appropriately, help safeguard our pumps and the role they play in protecting the environment from potential flooding and pollution.

Here in Geddington, residents are reminded that if a downstairs toilet won’t flush properly, or if they suspect any pollution issues, please contact the Anglian Water 24-hour helpline on 03457 145145 – lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, calls free from BT landline.

Anglian Water suggest that to enhance information gathering, a note is made of time, date, visual record and weather conditions in the following way:

What have you seen?
Can you describe it?
Is it flowing?
How big is it?
When did you notice it?
Where is it?
Is it near a landmark?
Is it near or in a watercourse?
What are the weather conditions?

Report from Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council

The Parish Council & Anglian Water

The River Ise and the (sewage) Pumping Station have been a source of concern for some years as raw sewage had been seen in the River, particularly after heavy rain.

The Parish Council have been in discussions with Anglian Water who then made a visit.  At a recent Parish Council meeting, a report had been received from Anglian Water with its findings, and its proposals to deal with the problems it found.

Commitments made at the Parish Council meeting and the written response to the Parish Council following the meeting.

  • The main sewer to the Pumping Station and the wet well clean will be carried out every 6 months. It was confirmed the wet well clean would change to six monthly. The sewer has been on a 12 monthly clean for sometime.
  • The pumping station will be checked every two months to include testing of the equipment on site, as well as inspection and removal of debris and non flushables from the pumps and non return valves. This has been set up for 2 monthly visits (dovetails in with the wet well clean, ie if no debris found, wet well clean will not be necessary). Planned visits were completed on 7th September 2018 and 26th October 2018. Forthcoming checks have an internal level of service of within 1 month of the planned date to allow for efficient scheduling of resources.

Photos of visit on 26th October 2018 below:

Both non returnable valves  were cleaned and both pumps inspected. Pictures show evidence of wipes and unflushables which should not be in the system.

(AW note: Share with Council and discuss awareness.)

On a planned service basis, the visits are currently based on the type of asset, for example a small wet well submersible may be used on a 3 yearly basis and for others yearly. In this case it was a yearly frequency.This has changed recently to predictive/condition-based service, so there is no fixed frequency.

  • The alarm code has been set to the highest priority to enable a quicker response. (AW note: Completed)

We have also reviewed the alarm code index and the pumping station appears to be working well, with a single alarm in July.

The other Pumping station in Geddington is GEOCSP Orchard Close. AW responded to a high alarm call in October and as part of their review, changed the two pumps in this pumping station.

Anglian Water Pollution Watch
– Spot it, Report it, Stop it.

If you see any sewage in the river then take the following steps:

Report to Anglian Water immediately on 03457 145145. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, calls free from BT landline.

The most obvious sign of sewage pollution of a stream or river is the presence of sewage solids in the water, but there may be other indications. These include toilet debris such as wipes and sanitary products, soap suds of a milky-looking discharge in the water, grey coloured water (see images above) and/or a noticeable sewage smell in the air.

Anglian Water suggest that to enhance information gathering, a note is made of time, date, visual record and weather conditions in the following way:

What have you seen?
Can you describe it?
Is it flowing?
How big is it?
When did you notice it?
Where is it?
Is it near a landmark?
Is it near or in a watercourse?
What are the weather conditions?

What Anglian Water will do:

Take immediate action.
Inform the Environment Agency if there is any risk of environmental impact.
If Anglian Water is responsible, we will stop the discharge as soon as we can, clean up any affected area of watercourse or land and investigate the causes of the discharge to prevent re-occurrence.

Consultation into Local Government begins

The consultation by the Secretary of State (SoS) over plans to restructure local government in Northamptonshire has begun.

The Government consultation has launched the following proposals submitted by the county, district and borough councils back in August 2018.

SoS James Brokenshire has announced that he will consult with all principal councils in Northamptonshire, principal councils neighbouring Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership, the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner, local health bodies, the University of Northampton and representatives of the voluntary sector. He also welcomes views from any interested people, including local residents and organisations.

The consultation period will run for eight weeks until 25 January 2019 and is available online.

Mr Brokenshire has also announced that following a request from the eight Northamptonshire councils, he will be postponing district and parish elections that were due to be held in May 2019 until May 2020. Should he decide to implement the proposal of two unitary authorities, it would have meant district and parish councillors serving only one year before unitary authority elections would be held in 2020. He explains:

Elections in such circumstances risk confusing voters and would involve significant costs that would be hard to justify. Accordingly, I have concluded that irrespective of whatever my future decision might be on the restructuring proposal, the right course is to postpone these elections.”

Friends of the Church – Mystery Murder result!

On behalf of the Friends Committee, I am pleased to report that a sum of over £950 was raised at our recent Murder Mystery evening held in the church. Thank you to all those who came along to enjoy the evening and support the event.

Everyone’s contributions to our fundraising efforts, such as achieved at this fun evening, are greatly appreciated and those funds will continue to be used in many ways for the upkeep of our beautiful church. For example, we will be donating a major contribution to the restoration of the ancient reredos screen. This is a fine example of where your generous contributions will be spent and more details of the project will be publicised in due course.

Meantime, the next major event on our agenda will be our Twelfth Night gathering on Saturday, 12th January 2019. There will be a theme based around Wassailing, a traditional seasonal festivity together with music and some light entertainment. We will be providing a three course meal and there will be a bar for wines, beers and soft drinks. So, meantime, please save the date and look out for posters and flyers around the village (as well as the 12th January 2019 Diary page on this site).

We look forward to seeing you all for a festive evening.

Vic Crouse

Neighbourhood Alert

Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Watch have sent the following message on behalf of Northamptonshire Police:

Police officers in Northamptonshire are issuing a warning to people across the county about a recent spate of handbag and purse thefts.

The incidents have taken place in Northampton, Kettering and Corby and have happened mostly in supermarkets with the criminals mainly targeting elderly women.

Paul Golley, Crime Prevention Team Leader, said: “It takes a real low-life to follow elderly people around a supermarket, waiting for the right moment to steal their handbag or purse.

Unfortunately these people do exist and they often use distraction techniques to get what they want. This can involve bumping into victims, something that causes them to be flustered and unaware someone has stolen from them. Or it can involve working in pairs, with one person distracting the victim while the other steals from them.

It’s worth making sure you read the tips below in order to best prevent yourself from becoming a victim and making sure any elderly people in your life are aware of these tips as well.

  • Beware of pickpockets.
  • Attach a bell to your handbag so you can hear if it is moved.
  • Never hang your handbag on pushchairs or shopping trolleys.
  • Keep your bag firmly closed and on your person at all times.
  • Wear shoulder bags with the flap against your body.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Only keep items in your bag that you need for that occasion.
  • Remember thieves can use cards to make contactless purchases.
  • Do not store your pin number in your handbag or purse.
  • If your purse is stolen, report the loss of your cards immediately to the card issuers.
  • Protect your pin when withdrawing cash from an ATM.

A village remembers the Armistice centenary and all those who serve





The Remembrance Service was held at St Mary Magdalene yesterday to remember all those who have served, died, were wounded or still serve.

The sun shone, the bells were rung and many families took part in the commemoration

The focus was on building peace and the role of the next generation.


Poppy wreaths were laid at the war memorial and children from the village laid a spray of poppies next to individually named crosses of those from the village who gave their lives in the Great War .

A two minute silence was observed.


Following the service the bellringers took part in the nationwide peal of bells.

In Flanders Fields…..Harold Walpole

Harold Edgar WALPOLE

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of Harold Walpole

Harold Walpole

Rank: Able Seaman
Service No: R/6329
Regiment/Service: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve – Anson Battalion, R.N. Divison
Date of Death: 11/11/1918 – Mons, Belgium. Died of wounds in 148th (RN) Field Ambulance, aged 19
Cemetery: Nouvelles Communal Cemetery, France – Grave: On the East side.
Memorial Inscription: ‘The Lord bless him and keep him and give him peace.’
War Office Information: Son of Henry Francis and Mary Ann Walpole, of 26, Wood St., Geddington, Northants.

Personal Information

Harry Walpole was the youngest of  Henry Francis & Mary Ann Walpole (nee Moore)’s children and with four older brothers he had plenty of male role models to follow. He was born on 19th July 1899, in Geddington and baptised in St Mary Magdalene on 27th August 1899. He later became a bellringer there and a member of the church choir like so many of his friends.

All five Walpole sons, the largest number from any family in Geddington, served during the war, but only Harry is listed as an Able Seaman. He enlisted on 11th September 1917 and was wounded twice and returned to the theatre of war for the third time on 2nd October 1918.

Francis William                4th East Surrey             Private                  07/09/14 – 02/10/14

Charles Henry                 1st Northants                Sergeant                30/11/14 – 24/02/19

John Wilfred                    4th Middlesex               Corporal                08/12/15 – 30/04/19

Samuel Jackson              Machine Gun Corps       Corporal               23/01/17 – 22/04/19

Harold Edgar                Anson Batt RNVR          Able Seaman           13/09/17 – 11/11/18

In his book ‘Geddington at War’ Melvyn Hopkins explains ‘At the outbreak of war in 1914 there was a vast surplus of naval reservists. To use this surplus the Royal Naval Division came into being with battalions named after famous admirals of the past – Anson being one of them. Then, in 1916 the RND went to the Western Front, the battalion names being retained, as were the naval ranks and customs. All ranks wore khaki.’

November 1918 saw the signing of the Armistice; the church bells were rung and most workers were given a holiday. A service of thanksgiving was held in the church. However, in the first week of December Harry’s parents received the news from the Admiralty that he had died on 11th November 1918, a day after being wounded.  It must have been devastating news and 26 Wood Street must have been a home of very mixed emotions at that time.

Harry is buried in the cemetery at Nouvelles, near Mons. There are just 8 named graves there.

1901 Census: 13, Wood Street, Geddington
Henry F Walpole (father); Aged 34; bricklayer’s labourer; b. Geddington
Mary A Walpole (mother); Aged 41; b. Geddington
Amy C Walpole (sister); Aged 13; b. Geddington
Francis W Walpole (brother); Aged 11; b. Geddington
John W Walpole (brother); Aged 9; b. Geddington
Samuel J Walpole (brother); Aged 7; b. Geddington
Charles H Walpole (brother); Aged 5; b. Geddington
Harold E Walpole; Aged 1; b. Geddington

1911 Census: Wood Street, Geddington
Henry Walpole (father); Aged 44; bricklayer – married 24 years
Mary Ann Walpole (mother); Aged 51 – 6 children, all living
Francis Walpole (brother); Aged 21; bricklayers labourer
Jackson Walpole (brother); Aged 19; general labourer
Charles Walpole (brother); Aged 15; assistant porter & gardener
Harold Walpole; Aged 11

Military: Entered 11/9/17; Draft for BEF 5/4/18, joined Anson Bn. 8/4/18-22/5/18 wounded, returned to duty 23/5/18-25/8/18 GSW right leg, rejoined Anson Bn. 2/10/18-10/11/18 wounded.

The website team wish to acknowledge the invaluable resources from ‘Geddington at War’ by Melvyn Hopkins and ‘Geddington as it was’ by Monica Rayne. Other source material has been taken from public records, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and local newspaper reports.

We hope all the information is accurate. Please let us know if you find any errors.

In recognising the men named on the war memorial we also want to remember those others from the 170 men from the village who saw it as their duty to fight for a freedom they valued. They could not have known at what cost it would come.

To paraphrase Harry’s inscription:

The Lord bless them and keep them and give them peace

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