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GADS – “Caught in the Net”

Geddington Amateur dramatic Society(GADS) has just successfully produced another play in it’s 56th year. Caught in the Net by Ray Cooney was a challenging script as the action takes place simultaneously in two separate houses with overlapping dialogue and many quickfire responses. A classic farce in which, on the single set, the audience can see and hear all but the characters are “oblivious” to the action in the other house. The cast rose to the challenge and delivered excellent and hilareous performances on all 4 nights that it ran.

Council Tax – Paying more than you should?

Parish Council funding has become a bit of a political hot potato within Kettering. Borough Councillor Jonathan Bullock says that “The Conservative manifesto of 2011 praised a new system of funding that would see Parish Council financing match the change in grant received from Government by Local Councils.”

“Despite this Kettering Borough Council decided to do away with grants for Parish Councils from May 2014.”  He added that he “campaigned against abolition of the grants which total approximately £80,000 across all Parishes within the Kettering Borough.”

Jonathan believes this could lead to a peculiar situation where facilities in Kettering Town are paid by the Borough, whilst similar facilities in Geddington and other villages will need to be funded by the Parish Council from their precept. This may also mean the disappearance of smaller Parish Councils who rely on this money for their continued existence.

Council Tax Demand notices have been delivered in the last few weeks, but despite Government urging, during the ongoing financial crisis, that Council Taxes be frozen, this hasn’t happened for residents of Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley.

At first glance it might seem that the increase is a mere 0.2% as the columns read as follows:
Northamptonshire County Council                  0.0% increase
Police and Crime Commission                          0.0% increase
Kettering Borough Council                                 0.0% increase
Geddington Newton and Little Oakley                 —–

Total Increase 0.2%

However if the 2012 and 2013 Geddington, Newton and Little Oakley Parish Council Precept is compared, the increase is 27.4%. If Kettering Borough Council is removing its payments to Parish Councils, should our Council Tax payments to the Borough Council not be reduced?

The Government has stated that the cap on Council Tax increases should not exceed 5% but Parish Councils are excluded from this cap, which many argue allows Borough and Parish Councils the ability to tax us twice for the same services.

The Village Shop and Tea Room

Suggestions that Pat and Trish are retiring from the Post Office are a little premature. Pat has told “Although we hope to retire in the not too distant future, current rumours have resulted from longer term plans including Post Office contract changes“. He added: “We hope to be serving the village in the shop and Tea Room for some time to come“.


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THE STAR dims its light once more!

THE STAR dims its light once more!

Geddington’s ‘STAR INN’ closed its doors on Friday 12th April 2013.

This historic public house that sits in the shadows of The Eleanor Cross, is another victim of today’s tough times. Unfortunately for managers Richard and Jayne and all the staff, Friday was last orders!!!

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Nigel Farage, Leader of UKIP Party visits Geddington

The leader of the UK Independence Party, visits Geddington on his tour through the county.

Nigel Farage on steps of Eleanor CrossNigel Farage said ” UKIP stands for bringing power back where it belongs – with the people. We believe that local councils should be more directly responsive to local people and less in thrall to central government. Today, local communities are under attack. The Government is taking money away from local Councils, but continuing to give more and more away to the EU.” Read more →

County Council Elections 2013

The Candidates

The candidates for the 2013 County Council Elections taking place on Thursday 2nd May, have been published today.

The candidates are:

BULLOCK, Jonathan Deryck, 2 Rippin Close Geddington
UK Independence Party

HARKER, Jim, Lyons Yard, Wood Street, Geddington
Conservative Party

SINGH, Harjinder,  17 Deeble Road, Kettering
Labour Party

WINDOW, Alan James, 1 Foxlands, Desborough
Liberal Party

More information can be found on the County Council election web page.

Boughton Estates – Licence Application Update

Licence Application –
the Decision

The members of the Licensing Committee of Kettering Borough Council met to discuss the application by Buccleuch Recreational Enterprises Ltd, on Monday 25th March at 2pm.

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Geddington Ward Vacancies

Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council

Following a recent resignation there are now four vacancies existing on the Geddington Ward of the above Council.

The requisite number of signatures required to trigger an election has been received by Kettering Borough Council.

Therefore, if five or more candidates submit nomination papers by noon on Friday 5th April, an election will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2013 to fill these vacancies.

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Re-launch of


On a cold, wet and windy day, with traces of snow still on the ground, was re-launched with an appropriate fanfare of computer keys.

Gathered in Geddington Primary School’s computer suite were the website’s committee, Janet Jones, Tony Locock and Pam Hopkins, accompanied by Councillor Ken Barber and Jane Rowley with eight of her Digital Leaders from the school’s computer club.

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