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Gardening Tips for May

Brings the first flowers of early summer . . .







Disruption on Wood Street & Grafton Road

Monday 8 April and Gigaclear contractors came to Geddington with the equipment to install fibre broadband under our pavements and streets.

At that time, was told that work would start in Grafton Road then move onto Wood Street, which it was hoped would be finished before school returned from the Easter break.

HOWEVER, Grafton Road is not quite finished and work has only just started on Wood Street today, Tuesday 23 April. 

WARNING. To all parents bringing children to school by vehicle, tomorrow, Wednesday 24 April. Parking is severely restricted and, which is evident from these images, even residents are having to find alternative places to park, whilst this work is being carried out.

It is highly recommended that alternative parking is found if you have to use a vehicle to bring the children to school.

And it is not only parking that will be a problem. Parts of Wood Street and Grafton Road have been limited to one-way traffic by the use of traffic lights, making a much longer journey than usual if those streets are used.

It is highly recommended that an alternative route is used, avoiding those streets wherever possible.



2019 Award to Geddington Brickyard Garden

The story of the
Geddington Brickyard Garden
(GBG CIC) Eco-Toilet continues … .

. has been advised of another well-deserved award for this innovative project. Lynette tells the story:

“On Wed 3rd April, GBG CIC (Geddington Brickyard Garden Community Interest Company) received a £3,200 cheque from Central England Co-operative’s ‘Making a Difference Community Dividend Fund‘.  Woohoo!

GBG’s award covers the cost of a wooden shed and Eco-Toilet and will provide much needed toilet facilities for volunteer sessions and organised events. Ian is taking on the role of Eco-Toilet Project Manager(!) to ensure suitability for wheelchair users and children.

EcoToilet base in progress, October 2018

This ‘story’ began in 2018 when funding from KBC Community Award enabled the concrete base to be laid.

We’re delighted that the end of the story is now in sight!”

Gigaclear has landed!

Gigaclear have arrived to install fibre broadband in the northern half of the village, as we were advised in March.  All the road signs, cones and other installation equipment, have been dropped at the bottom of Wood Street, outside the Old School. was told that the installation of full fibre cabling, along with connection points outside the boundary of each property, would start in Grafton Road, then the men will work their way up Wood Street.  It is hoped that the work on Wood Street would be finished before the school returns from the Easter break.

So for these two roads, prepare for digging noises and disruption for the next couple of weeks. Then, if you see one of these little fellas outside your house, you know that your street is next!


The County Library Service

People can have their say on plans for the long-term future of Northamptonshire County Council’s Library service as part of the authority’s annual budget consultation.

The plans, which have been developed with community groups and District, Borough, Town and Parish Councils, would see the vast majority of libraries kept open with county council backing – a move which has been described by Council leaders as a major improvement on the previous plans.

The current draft proposal is to keep 14 libraries directly under the County Council’s management. Twenty-two would be community managed receiving both financial and organisational support from the Council. The plan would also see money from developer contributions used to invest in individual libraries.

The approach taken in each local area has been developed in partnership with community organisations and councils, tailoring each individual proposal to local need and the resources available.

Libraries that remain under county council control would be reviewed to develop what they currently offer, to increase footfall and maximise income.

Cllr Cecile Irving-Swift, county council cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said:

“At the heart of this proposal is the fact that we’ve worked with some wonderful community groups who clearly have a passion for books and libraries. At this stage these are simply proposals and what we need now is for people to have their say on what they think of these plans.”

The consultation will run for eight weeks for each library.
(Clicking on ‘consultation’ will take you to the Consultation Overview.)

The consultation involves an online questionnaire, which asks people to respond about libraries individually. A series of face to face engagement events at the libraries are also being organised with the feedback from the consultation used to inform the final decisions made on the library service.

Street Doctor Improvements

The Street Doctor system of highways fault reporting is getting an overhaul – making it easier for people to use.

The Northamptonshire County Council service will now allow customers to upload photos – making it clearer where highways defects are located.  People will be able to easily map where the defect is and also view assets such as signs, trees and adopted highways so it is easy to identify exactly which one they are talking about when they make a report. The improvements also help Northamptonshire Highways as it saves operatives time when they inspect defects and carry out repairs.

The improved website uses FixMyStreet – the system most commonly used by local authorities across the country. Defects can also be reported via the main FixMyStreet website and app.

Cllr Ian Morris, county council Cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said:

“Over the years we have looked at improving the service and, this year, Street Doctor is getting an overhaul.  We will launch the site using FixMyStreet and this will sit on our website. This means customers will still go to Street Doctor which will take them to the reporting system for a smooth, end to end service.  The system we had been using is getting dated and we have listened to what people really want. Our officers are already using it internally and finding the whole process a lot better.”

Gardening Tips for April

One of the busiest gardening months . . .

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Brexit & Geddington

A march by pro-Brexit pressure group, Leave Means Leave, started in Sunderland on Saturday 16 March. Their target is Westminster where a rally will be held on Friday 29 March.

The route during this week-long march, brought the group of marchers from Brigstock, along Clay Dick, down Wood Street, Bridge Street and Queen Street before continuing on to Kettering and Wellingborough.

The organisers aim to have a ‘core of marchers‘ on each leg of their journey. There is a £50 charge for those taking part. is not promoting the March, just presenting the news, and the facts.

All about your website – an invitation to an open meeting

You tell us that you value the village website, and we enjoy hearing your news and sharing your views. The photographs in this post are just a few reminders of news we have covered for you in the past few months.

Are you free on 1st April at 7:30pm?

The refurbishment of The Star

We invite you to The Star for an open discussion about what we do, what we’d like to do and perhaps what you’d like us to do.

Remembering those men from Geddington who fought and, in 43 cases, lost their lives in WW1

The website stats tell us that the interest in our news extends well beyond the village and reflects the recognition that it provides a real resource for those who live in the village or have connections to it.

We would like to keep this going but need your ideas.

Of course, if you are interested in joining the website team come along for the AGM at 7pm and find out more. No obligation!

We would really like to broaden the group who contribute to the website; even if you don’t fancy being a team member could you or your organisation keep us up to date with news and events?

The fight to keep our rural bus services

Do let us know if you’d like to attend or have any ideas/suggestions for the future of the website.

We really appreciate hearing from you so please continue to let us have details of events or highlights from your organisation so that we can post the news on the website for others to enjoy

Local food waste initiative

Hope to see you on 1st April!

The Website Team


Gigaclear and Rural Broadband

Chairman of the Parish Council, Nick Batchelor has announced what might be, good news, for those of us who suffer from slow broadband speeds or would like faster speeds.

Nick said: “A utilities provider, Gigaclear, will start to install underground fibre cables to bring Ultra Fast Broadband capability to the north part of Geddington in the next few weeks. Hopefully the south part, and Newton, will follow in the not too distant future.

There will be noticeable disruption, with digging in roads and paths, phased over several weeks, but moving across the whole north of the village in sections. Gigaclear will be communicating more as the dates start to firm up, but in the meantime have accepted our request to a presentation to residents from 6pm-8pm on Monday 18th March at the Village Hall. Please come along if interested, as representatives of Gigaclear will be available for questions.

The Parish Council will share more detailed plans and timescales as and when we get them.”

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