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In Flanders Fields….Lionel Patrick

Lionel John George PATRICK

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of Lionel Patrick

Lionel Patrick

Service No. 5755
Regiment: Guards Machine Gun Regiment, but later Gas Squadron ‘A’
Died: 30/1/1920 at home
Demobbed: No longer physically fit for duty, 5 Nov 1919

Personal Information

Lionel was the first born son to George and Agnes,both from Geddington. He was baptised in the village church and after his death on 30th January 1920 was laid to rest there. He was, like many of his family, a chorister there and active in the life of the church.           Lionel enlisted in 1916 and was transferred to the Royal Horse Guards in 1917.                   In February 1918 he was a member of the royal escort accompanying the King for the state opening of Parliament.

His death came after several months of illness in a military hospital after returning from France.

1901 Census: Park View, Kettering Road, Geddington
George Henry Patrick (father); Aged 29; tableman (?) finisher; b. Geddington
Agnes Emma Patrick (mother); Aged 26; b. Geddington
Lionel John Patrick; Aged 2; b. Geddington

1911 Census: Park View, Kettering Road, Geddington
George Henry Patrick (father); Aged 39; roller – married 14 years
Agnes Emma Patrick (mother); Aged 36 – 5 children all living
Lionel John George Patrick; Aged 12
Richard Piham Edward Patrick (brother); Aged 7; b. Geddington
Neville William Harnes Patrick (brother); Aged 2; b. Geddington
Amy Lillian Frances Patrick (sister); Aged 1; b. Geddington


In Flanders Fields……Harry Patrick

Harry Arthur PATRICK

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18


Picture of Harry Patrick

Harry Patrick


Rank:  Private: Rifle Brigade
Enlisted 18. April 17
Demobilised 27th December 1919
Died 20th January 1920
Buried in Geddington churchyard

Personal Information

Harry’s parents were John and Ellen Patrick of Geddington and he was born in 1883 and baptised there.

Like Roland and Lionel, Harry Patrick was a chorister at Geddington Church. At the ceremony marking the unveiling and dedication of the war memorial there was also a window installed and dedicated in the church to the memory of Harry by his fiancee Miss A Walpole.

Harry had served in Egypt and India and had not long been demobilised when he died under anaesthetic at Kettering General Hospital.

1901 Census:
John Thomas Patrick (Father) aged 46  b. Geddington. Bricklayer
Ellen Patrick (mother) aged 44  b. Geddington
Harry Arthur Patrick aged 28 b.Geddington. Bricklayer
John Thomas Patrick (brother) aged 25 b. Geddington. Bricklayer’s apprentice
Hilda Mary Patrick (sister) aged 21  b. Geddington
Roland Charles Patrick (brother) aged 16 b. Geddington
Evelyn Grace Patrick (sister) aged 4 b. Geddington

1911 Census: 16 Queen Street, Geddington
John Thomas Patrick (Father) aged 56  b. Geddington. Mason to the Estate (Boughton)
Ellen Patrick (mother) aged 54  b. Geddington
Harry Arthur Patrick aged 28 b.Geddington. Bricklayer
John Thomas Patrick (brother) aged 26 b. Geddington. Bricklayer’s apprentice
Hilda Mary Patrick (sister) aged 21  b. Geddington
Roland Charles Patrick (brother) aged 16 b. Geddington
Evelyn Grace Patrick (sister) aged 14 b. Geddington

In Flanders Fields…..Arthur Patrick

Today we honour four men from the Patrick family in the village. We acknowledge them as individuals but in grouping them together as family members we hope we also illustrate the devastation the casualties brought to individual families in the community.

William Arthur PATRICK

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of Arthur Patrick

Arthur Patrick

Rank: Private
Service No: 6135
Regiment/Service: Yorkshire Regiment (Alexandra, Princes of Wales’ Own) – 4th Battalion
Date of Death: 21/12/1916 – Died of disease whilst the batallion was training, aged 24
Cemetery: Contay British Cemetery, Contay, France – Grave: VII. B. 1.
Memorial Inscription: ‘In ever loving memory from Father, Mother & sisters.’
War Office Information: Son of William and Catherine Beatrice Patrick, of Stone House, Geddington, Kettering.

Personal Information

William Arthur was born to his parents William & Catherine Beatrice Patrick
in Geddington in late 1892 and baptised there on 29 Jan 1893

Arthur worked with his father in the family building and stonemasony business prior to enlisting in 1916. His home, Stone House, had been built by his Uncle James.

Arthur was a sportsman and played football and cricket, reportedly having with a particularly deadly bowling arm! Like his father he gave much of his spare time to the Church and was also active in the Church of England’s Men’s Society C.E.M.S. as well as acting as Geddington reporter for the Evening Telegraph.

Arthur wrote a series of letters home during his time in training. His letters are published in Melvyn Hopkins’ book ‘Geddington at War’ He describes his supper as being stew, potatoes and haricot beans; that there is an outbreak of measles at the camp and about preparing for transfer to another regiment, probably the Yorkshire Regiment.  He had also heard from Harry Patrick and Fred Clipstone.

Arthur was taken ill while serving in the trenches and died from bronchitis and pneumonia in a hospital in France.

The Patrick building firm were commissioned in 1921 to build the war memorial.

1901 Census: Kettering Road, Geddington (next to Park View)
William Patrick (father); Aged 43; mason; b. Geddington
Catherine Patrick (mother); Aged 35; Little Oakley
William Arthur Patrick; Aged 8; b. Geddington
Beatrice Margaret (sister); Aged 6; b. Geddington
Eva Annie Patrick (sister); Aged 3; b. Geddington

1911 Census: Stone House, Geddington
William Patrick (father); Aged 53; builders labourer – married 20 years
Catherine Beatrice Patrick (mother); Aged 45 – 3 children, all living
William Arthur Patrick; Aged 18; clerk at ironstone works
Beatrice Margaret Patrick (sister); Aged 16


In Flanders Fields… Sydney Osbond

Sydney James OSBOND

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18


Mendinghem Military Cemetery

Mendinghem Military Cemetery

Rank: Private
Service No: 45791 – Formerly M/225697, R.A.S.C
Regiment/Service: South Wales Borderers – 2nd Battalion
Died: 01/07/1917 – Died of wounds probably on the first day of the Battle of Messines Ridge, aged 19
Cemetery: Mendinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium – Grave: II. E. 43.
Memorial Inscription: ‘Victory won, Peace Perfect Peace’
War Office Information: Son of Thomas and Clara Osbond, of Geddington, Kettering, Northants.

Personal Information

The Osbond family were well known in the village and ran the butcher’s and slaughterhouse that stood at the side of the church wall on Church Hill.  Thomas and Clara Osbond, Sydney’s parents, had three sons, all of whom served in the army. Sydney, the youngest, was born in Geddington in late 1897 and baptised there at the end of January 1898.

Sydney went out to France in May 1917 and was severely wounded in battle on 30th of June . He was taken to a casualty clearing station at Proven just over the border in Belgium and died of his wounds the following day.

His two brothers returned home.

Osbond’s slaughterhouse and Geddington Church circa 1924

1901 Census: Church Hill, Geddington
Thomas Osbond (father); Aged 37; butcher; b. Rushton
Clara Osbond (mother); Aged 34; b. Geddington
Aubrey Osbond (brother); Aged 7; b. Geddington
Reginald Osbond (brother); Aged 5; b. Geddington
Sydney Osbond; Aged 3; b. Geddington
William Amey (lodger), Aged 14, apprentice butcher, b. Grafton Underwood (William is remembered on the Brigstock war memorial)

1911 Census: Geddington
Thomas Osbond (father); Aged 47; butcher; b. Corby – married 20 years
Clara Osbond (mother); Aged 44 – 3 children, all living
Aubury Thomas Osbond (brother); Aged 18; butcher
Reginald George Osbond (brother); Aged 16; carpenter
Sydney James Osbond; Aged 13

In Flanders Fields…. Alfred Moore ….Sidney Moore

Alfred MOORE

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery

Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery

MOORE, Alfred

Rank: Private
Service No: 7085
Regiment/Service: Lincolnshire Regiment – 2nd Battalion
Died: 17/04/1918 – Died of wounds, aged 33
Cemetery: Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery, Belgium – Grave: V. D. 7.
Memorial Inscription: ‘They never fail, who die in a good cause.’
War Office Information: Son of Henry and Eleanor Moore, of Geddington, Kettering.

Personal Information

Parents: Henry & Eleanor Moore (nee Elsom)
Born: Q1 1885, Kettering, Vol. 3b, Page 205
Baptised: 23 Jul 1888, Geddington

Alfred was the Moore’s youngest son. He died from his wounds at a clearing station in France, having served previously in the West Indies. His last home leave was for a month in November 1917.

The Kettering Leader, 17 May 1918, said: “Before joining the army in mid 1904, Pte Moore was well known in Kettering District as a leading member of the Geddington Montrose Football team and captained that team when they won the Combination Cup for the first time. After joining the army, he played for his regimental team for several years and, when stationed in Hampshire, played for Hampshire County in their county league matches. He was the owner of two Kettering Combination medals and several military medals, including the Ian Hamilton Cup Final 1907. When on home leave during the football season, he played for Geddington Montrose, his favourite position being right back.”

1901 Census: Wood Road, Geddington (next door but one to the Royal George Pub)
Henry Moore (father); Aged 58; hurdle maker; b. Geddington
Eleanor Moore (mother); Aged 58; b. Geddington
Jesse Moore (brother); Aged 32; ordinary agricultural labourer; b. Geddington
Agnes Moore (sister); Aged 19; domestic housemaid; b. Geddington
Alfred Moore; Aged 16; plumber; b. Geddington

Sydney George MOORE

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of Sydney Moore

Sydney Moore

MOORE, Sydney George

Rank: Private
Service No: 17643
Regiment/Service: Northamptonshire Regiment – 6th Battalion
Died: 17/02/1917 – Killed in action, aged 19
Memorial: Thiepval Memorial, France – Pier and Face 11 A and 11 D.
War Office Information: Son of Harry and Mary Jane Moore, of Kettering Road, Geddington, Kettering.

Personal Information

Parents: Harry & Mary Jane Moore
Born: Q4 1897, Kettering, Vol. 3b, Page 179
Baptised: 12 Dec 1897, St. Faith Church, Newton in the Willows

Sidney had been reported missing on 17th February 1917 during the battle of the Somme but it was not until early 1918 that official news came through that he was presumed dead from that date.  The Thiepval Memorial lists him as one of over 72,000 men who have no known grave.

1901 Census: Wood Road, Geddington (2 doors from the Townley’s)
Harry Moore (father); Aged 36; carpenter; b. Geddington
Mary J Moore (mother); Aged 33; b. Rushton
Leonard J Moore (brother); Aged 5; b. Geddington
Sydney G Moore; Aged 3
Margaret W Moore (sister); Aged 5 months; b. Geddington

1911 Census: Sunnyside, Kettering Road, Geddington
Harry Moore (father); Aged 46; carpenter – married 17 years
Mary Jane Moore (mother); Aged 43 – 4 children – all living
Leonard Stanley Moore (brother); Aged 15; apprentice engineer
Sydney George Moore; Aged 13; office boy
Margaret Winifred Moore (sister); Aged 10
Eleanor Mary Moore (sister); Aged 7; b. Geddington
Charlotte Stanley (grandmother); Aged 82; Little Oakley

In Flanders Fields……George Miller

George Henry MILLER

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of George Miller

George Miller

Rank: Private
Service No: 13301
Regiment/Service: Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Battalion
Died: 09/05/1915 – Killed in action
Memorial: Le Touret Memorial, France – Panel 28 to 30.

Personal Information

George’s parents were William & Rebecca Ann Miller . He was born in 1894 and baptised in Geddington parish church on 28th January 1894.

He was one of the first from the village to sign up on 31st August 1914, joining the Northants Battalion. He lost his life in one of the fiercest battles of the following year trying to secure Aubers Ridge and thus retake Lille from the Germans.

He is commemorated on the memorial as one of 13,400 young men who lost their lives between 9-10th May 1915. He has no known grave. His friend Fred Simons, who signed up with him also lost his life in the battle.

1901 Census: Malting Lane, Geddington
William Miller (father); Aged 46; general agricultural labourer; b. Rushton
Rebecca Miller (mother); Aged 46; b. Little Oakley
Lilly Miller (sister); Aged 11; b. Geddington
Charles Miller (brother); Aged 9; b. Geddington
George Miller; Aged 7; b. Geddington
Arthur Miller (brother); Aged 2; b. Geddington

1911 Census: Malting Lane, Geddington
William Miller (father); Aged 57; farm labourer – married 22 years
Rebecca Miller (mother); Aged 57; 4 children, all living
George Miller; Aged 17; engine cleaner
Arthur Miller (brother); Aged 12; errand boy

In Flanders Fields…..William Johnson

James William JOHNSON

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Picture of William Johnson

William Johnson

Rank: Private
Service No: SPT/5330
Regiment/Service: Royal Fusiliers – 10th Battalion
Died: 13/04/1917 – Died of wounds, aged 24
Cemetery: Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, France – Grave: III. G. 6.
War Office Information: Son of Mary Jane Clipston, of Star Lane, Geddington, Kettering, Northants.

Personal Information

William’s mother had 4 sons by her first husband before marrying Herbert Clipston. William was the oldest, born in 1893 and baptised in St Mary Magdalene on 24th June 1894.              His mother later lived in Star Lane, now known as Malting Lane.

All four sons served in the army during the war.

William’s record seems to show that he joined the Essex regiment on a short service enlistment in 1914. Following that he was in the 22nd Battalion, London Regiment and was at the Western Front in France by September 1916. He was killed in action on 13th April of the following year. His three brothers survived but were all wounded.

He was engaged to Miss A. Goode.

1911 Census: Queen Street, Weekley Terrace, Geddington
Herbert R Clipston (stepfather); Aged 40; bricklayer – married 10 years; b. Geddington
Mary Jane Clipston (mother); Aged 40 – 11 children, 8 living; b. Geddington
James W Johnson; Aged 18; shoe trade; b. Geddington
Ernest Arthur Johnson (brother); Aged 15; farm boy; b. Geddington
Horace John Johnson (brother); Aged 15; farm boy; b. Geddington
George Edward Johnson (brother); Aged 13; farm boy; b. Geddington
Sarah Elizabeth Clipston (stepsister); Aged 9; b. Geddington
Beatrice Annie Clipston (stepsister); Aged 7; b. Geddington
Edith Ethel Clipston (stepsister); Aged 2; b. Geddington

In Flanders Fields…..George Hipwell

George Ashton HIPWELL

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18


Rank: Private
Service No: O/6099
Regiment/Service: Army Ordnance Corps
Died: 23/04/1917, of illness, aged 28
Cemetery: Geddington (St. Mary Magdalene) Churchyard – Grave: In the North-West part. Ref: A85
Memorial Inscription: In sweet rememberance of GEORGE ASHTON HIPWELL A.O.C. who passed away at Chiseldon Camp (Wilts.), April 23rd 1917 aged 28 years. ‘Love is immortal.’
War Office Information: Husband of Grace C. Hipwell, of “Redcliffe,” Geddington.

Personal Information

The Hipwells had lived in Geddington for generations. Malting Lane was once known as ‘Hipwell’s Jitty’. They were brewers, shopkeepers, woodsmen, churchwardens and football players.  The middle name of Ashton came from George’s maternal grandmother.

John Ashton Hipwell, George’s father, was born in Geddington and married twice. His second wife was George’s mother, Louisa Ann Hipwell (nee Townsend). George himself was born in 1889 and was baptised in the parish church of the village on 5th August 1889.

25 years later on 10th September 1914, just after the declaration of war, George would be married there to Grace Charlotte Freeman, a teacher of music, and Frank Toseland would be a witness to the marriage.

Less than 3 years later his funeral was held there and he was buried in his home churchyard.

According to his Military History Sheet he served 1 year and 28 days.

George had 3 sisters. He played football and cricket for the village teams.

Agnes Mary Hipwell 1880-1975; m. Edgar F Sewter in 1907
Florence Jane Hipwell 1883-1965; m. Percy R Derry in 1912
Gertrude Helen Hipwell 1884-1982; m. Thomas Rawson in 1916

Picture of George Hopewell's Grave

George Hipwell grave in Geddington

1891 Census: Stamford Road, Geddington
Ashton Hipwell (father); Aged 43; carpenter & joiner; b. Geddington
Louisa Hipwell (mother); Aged 38; b. Blundson, Wiltshire
Agnes Mary Hipwell (sister); Aged 10; b. Netwon Mill
Florence Jane Hipwell (sister); Aged 8; b. Geddington
Gertrud Hettie Hipwell (sister); Aged 6; b. Geddington
George Ashton Hipwell; Aged 1; b. Geddington

1901 Census: Kettering Road, Geddington
John Ashton Hipwell (father); Aged 52; carpenter; Widowed
Agnes Mary Hipwell (sister); Aged 20; school mistress at C.E School
Gertrude Ellen Hipwell (sister); Aged 16; dressmaker
George Ashton Hipwell; Aged 10
John Townsend Hipwell (brother); Aged 9; b. Geddington
Hannah Hinton (housekeeper); Aged 51; b. Fyfield Essex

1911 Census: Kettering Road, Geddington
Ashton Hipwell (father); Aged 60; estate carpenter
Helen Hipwell (sister); Aged 26; housekeeper
George Hipwell; Aged 21; clerk for boot & shoe manufacturer
John Hipwell (brother); Aged 19; tailor

In Flanders Fields…Harry Higgs

Harry James HIGGS

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Menin Gate Memorial

Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres


Rank: Private
Service No: 9142
Regiment/Service: Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry – 2nd Battalion
Died: 12/11/1914, in the First Battle of Ypres, aged 19
Memorial: Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium – Panel: 37 and 39.
War Office Information: Son of George and Eliza Higgs, of Grange Road, Geddington, Kettering, Northants.

Personal Information

One of four sons of parents George & Eliza Higgs to serve in the war, Harry’s story is best told through a newspaper report of the time. He had served for 5 years in the Regimental Band before going to France with the Expeditionary Force in August 1914

1901 Census: West Street, Geddington
George Higgs (father); Aged 34; domestic gardener; b. Hambleden, Bucks
Eliza Higgs (mother); Aged 35; b. Stepney, Middx.
Edwin D Higgs (brother); Aged 10; b. Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Olive E C Higgs (sister); Aged 9; b. Tunbridge Wells
George Higgs (brother); Aged 7; b. Spitalfields, London
Harry J Higgs; Aged 6; b. Addington, Bucks
Stephen E Higgs (brother); Aged 4; b. Hambleden, Bucks
Rose E Higgs (sister); Aged 1; b. Geddington

Press Information: Joan Higgs of Pipers Close, Kettering, got in touch to tell us [local paper] about her brother-in-law Harry, who died aged just 19 at Ypres.
“Harry Higgs, born in 1895, was accepted into the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry in 1910 to train as a bandsman.
He completed his training at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, near Twickenham.
He lived with his family in Geddington which, in the early 20th century, was a small community and everyone was known to each other.
His sisters have told me that he caused quite a stir in the village when he came home on leave, looking very smart in his dress uniform.
The girls were all after him, telling each other that Harry Higgs was home.
When war was declared, being in the regular army and trained, he was immediately sent to France.
His parents received a letter from him in October 1914 to say that he was quite well.
Less than a month later he was killed at Ypres, aged 19.
As he has no known grave, his name is inscribed on the Menin Gate at Ypres. He was the first casualty of the war in Geddington.
Harry was the fourth child of George and Eliza Higgs. His three older brothers also served throughout the war. George was a prisoner of war for four years. Stephen died at the age of 24 as a result of the war and the elder brother, Edwin, survived unscathed.
Perhaps a very unpretentious story, no record of great valour, but so typical of all the lovely young men of that time, with the promise of a bright succesful future. Just slaughtered.
I have been to see his name on the Menin Gate, it made me very sad, but also very proud.”

Original source unknown.

In Flanders Fields….Robert Hector

Thomas Robert HECTOR

Geddington Roll of Honour 1914-18

Zantvoorde British Cemetery

Zantvoorde British Cemetery

Rank: Private
Service No: 65901 – Formerly 32423, Northants Regiment
Regiment/Service: Royal Fusiliers 13th Battalion
Died: 04/10/1917 – Killed in action, aged 22
Cemetery: Zantvoorde British Cemetery, Belgium – Grave: III. D. 16.

Personal Information

Thomas Robert was the only son of parents Thomas & Harriet Hector (nee Slough)
He was born in 1895 in Geddington and baptised on 25 August  1895 at St Mary Magdalene in Geddington.

He was employed on the Midland Railway prior to enlisting.

He enlisted in January 1917 and reached the Western Front in June 1917. He was killed in action in October 1917. He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory medal.

1901 Census: Malting Lane, Geddington
Thomas Hector (father); Aged 36; wood labourer; b. Stanion
Harriet Hector (mother); Aged 34; b. Geddington
Emma Elizabeth Hector (sister); Aged 11; b. Geddington
Beatrice Ellen Hector (sister); Aged 10; b. Geddington
Ada Annie Hector (sister); Aged 8; b. Geddington
Thomas Robert; Aged 6; b. Geddington

1911 Census: Chaple [sic] Lane, Geddington
Thomas Hector (father): Aged 47; woodman – married 22 years
Harriet Hector (mother); Aged 44 – 4 children all living
Emma Elizabeth Hector (sister); Aged 21; kitchen maid
Beatrice Ellen Hector (sister); Aged 20; shop assistant
Thomas Robert Hector; Aged 16; groom & gardener

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