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Geddington By-pass opening – a new view

Geddington By-pass Opening

Yes, we know its official title is the Corby Link Road or, what will now be shown on new maps and satnavs, the A43, but for  ‘us residents’ it started off as the Geddington by-pass.  And we are so looking forward to less traffic, in particular the lack of heavy goods vehicles coming through the village on what is now the A4300.

Last Friday, we posted some pictures of the opening of the new by-pass taken from one of the bridges. At the end of the post we asked if you had any other pictures we could put on the website, particularly of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Well, we’ve managed to go one better than that. We have been very fortunate in being given some most unusual pictures taken, not only from the cavalcade, not only from the leader of the cavalcade, but from someone who was videoing from the sunroof of the leader of the cavalcade, the GVFB’s fire engine, the Queen Eleanor.

Many, many thanks to John Doran and the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade for all of the following images.

Geddington By-pass Open at last!

Northamptonshire Highways

On a cool but sunny day, the new A43 was opened this morning at 12 noon, with a ribbon cutting ceremony  by Mr Robert Goodwill MP.

In a speech by the Leader of the Northampton County Council, Jim Harker said “This was a much needed scheme and I’m delighted to be able to announce that we’re now ready to open it to the public. I see this scheme as essential to unlocking the development in Corby and the surrounding areas.” Following the cutting of the ribbon,  the cavalcade of  vehicles set off from Storefield Cottages Roundabout travelling north to the Stanion Roundabout, where they turned round and came back again, giving those of us on the two bridges a splendid view.

It's unlikely that you'll ever see this road so empty ever again!

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see this road so empty ever again!

A new view of the viaduct

A new view of the viaduct








Along with many Geddington residents, Anglia TV News and the Evening Telegraph were also there to record the event, the Anglia photographer being particularly inventive with his viewing point.

The cavalcade included a Formula 1 car, a Formula E car, an Aston Martin and a Ferrari, a police car, ambulance and at least six coaches full of schoolchildren – what an adventure for them! – plus many others: the whole being lead by the GVFB Fire engine, the Queen Eleanor.


If you’ve clicked on any of the last 8 images and only got a small picture come up, click on it again to get a full size picture. To return to this post,  click on the ‘back’ arrow.

(Our reporter/photographer could only be in one place and chose one of the bridges. If you have images of the ribbon cutting ceremony, please email them to

Ribbon cutting

Photo courtesy of Andrew Carter


Geddington Ford Closure

Northamptonshire Highways

have announced the following:


The reason for the closure is to install an anti-flood defence in the form of a hump in the approach to the ford, which is designed to prevent water creeping up and flooding the gardens and houses of Bridge Street. The sets will be replaced and the tarmac will be renewed both sides of the ford.

Ford closure

Geddington Bowls Club Open Day

Geddington & Newton Bowling Club

On Saturday 17th May Geddington Bowling Club held their club open day. The weather was set fine with hot sunshine in the afternoon. The Idea of the day was to throw the club open to anyone who would like to “have a go” at bowling. A steady stream of prospective bowlers came through the gates with up to 5 rinks being used at one time. If there is anyone out there who could not make it on the day and would like to try bowls please contact Barry Basford on 01536 392635 to arrange a mutually convenient day to come along.


A big thank you must go to all the club members who helped with the event.


From the interest shown during the day a Coaching programme has been developed for beginner bowlers:

Programme to start on Tuesday 27th May 2014

and then every Tuesday eveningfor the next 6 – 8 weeksBowls Club Open Day

Time 6.30pm prompt until 8.30pm

Cost for the complete program only £5.00

Dress casual but please make sure that you wear flat soled shoes to protect our green.


Even if you didn’t attend the open day but you would like to learn to bowl please come along on the 27th. It is not necessary to attend all the evenings as many as you can would be good.


Barry Basford

Head Coach



The Great Garage Sale

Another fine day!

“If you need to organise an event on a sunny day, get Jackie to do it!” said husband Gordon, slightly tongue-in cheek, because last year wasn’t quite so sunny, but this year the Great Garage Sale was held on the hottest weekend of the year so far.

It brought out the crowds – and that’s not just the stalls – the buying public started arriving at 8.30, even with a 10am official start! But it didn’t stop some canny stall holders from taking advantage of this opportunity.

At 10.30am, Jackie reported that she had sold more maps by then than last year.  The map pinpointed the position of nearly 60 stalls, but more had been added since the maps were printed, so there were about 90 stalls to be visited, with stalls in almost every street and road in the village.

Stallholder, Claire, said sales were steady and many others reported lots of interest.


Newcomers to the village, Nick and Janna of West Street, said their visit to the Garage Sale last year, solidified their decision to move to Geddington.  Nick said, “It was the obvious community spirit and general friendliness of the residents we’ve come into contact with, as well as this lovely house and garden of course, that firmed up our decision.”

Needless to say, with our narrow village streets, some of the parking would have been a traffic warden’s dream, had Geddington employed such a person.


Parking on Wood Street

Parking on Wood Street

As is usual, by early afternoon, the mad rush was over and on the whole, it was reckoned to be another successful village event, no, let’s call it a tradition, even if a modern one. So, well done Jackie, we’re looking forward to next year already!







GEDD-STOCK Roars from the White Lion

Gedd-Stock is happening this year, on Sunday 20th July. Last year’s event had to be cancelled due to the untimely death of Harry Kelly of The White Lion.
Rick Loake, organiser of the music festival, comments:

“This year will be the 12th event, which so far, has raised over £28,000 for charity.  Only a one-dayer this year, but guaranteed the best music festival and fund-raising event around – as it always is.

The day starts at 12noon and finishes around 9pm. I have seven bands lined up, plus single acts. In the bar there will be an acoustic mic session, hosted by Ollie Woods: there will be children’s entertainment and a bouncy castle, plus food, a Real Ale bar, T-shirts for sale and a variety of stalls.”GeddStock title

Rick continues: “Every year I have organised Gedd-Stock, we have been fortunate with helpers and volunteers coming forward. If you would like to get involved, give me a ring on 07711 910860 or The White Lion on 01536 742226. Every year we have had generous sponsors and donations of raffle prizes. If you or your company would like to contribute, your name will be displayed on the notice boards at the side of the stage.”

Rick is offering space to stall holders and anyone wishing to have a stall should contact the numbers above.

Rick also adds that the bands are providing their services free of charge, as usual, but for a couple of beers and a burger.

The named charities this year are:
The Cransley Hospice, Bowel and Stomach Cancer Research
The St John’s Ambulance Service and The Samuel Lee Charity

Rick would like to thank Pat, Colin and Perks of the White Lion, for their support and looks forward to seeing everyone on the day – and hopes you all have a great day! Read more →

The Women’s Tour is Here!

“The Women’s Tour is Coming”

 – was the intriguing message we’ve been getting for some weeks now and the Riders didn’t disappoint us.

And didn’t Geddington do them proud?

2 Cones

Before the rush

1 No Parking sign

All children present and correct

All children present and correct

From the quiet and car-less streets first thing this morning, to 11.15am, when Grafton Road, the Eleanor Cross, West Street and Newton Road were all filled with excited school children and residents keen to watch this prestigious event.

Two members of the police rolling road closure team

Two members of the police rolling road closure team

4 Police motor cycleNorthamptonshire Police have perfected their rolling road closure exercise and it was interesting to see it in action. The first police motor cycle, complete with flashing blue and white lights, blips, sirens and other loud sounds and greeted by loud cheers and flag-waving from the children, rolled down Grafton Road to the bottom of Wood Street, stopped and waited. Shortly another motor cycle came and took his position in Wood Street and the first one moved off to the bottom of Church Hill. As each motor cycle rolled down the road, so the front leaders moved onto the next  road leading off from the Route. Every motor cycle was greeted by huge cheers from the children, the policemen, responding with smiles, waves and encouraging motions to ‘up’ the cheering.

Slap hands, kids!

Slap hands, kids!

One even came very slowly past the children, with his hand out so they could slap it as he went passed – undoing all the teachers efforts to keep the children away from the pavement edge and pressed back against the wall!

Event Marshalls

Event Marshalls

Friends Life vehicle

Friends Life vehicle

The cheers and flag-waving grew in intensity as the police motor cycles increased in numbers, with a shorter time between each appearance, until finally, there were some Official Tour vehicles, some Event Marshals, and then with a huge roar from engines and the crowd, around the corner came the massive peloton of Tour Riders. With their team colours glowing in the sunshine, their helmets gleaming and their wheels flashing, they were all past in a matter of seconds (from first to last Rider it was 74 seconds).

Following the Riders came the the team support vehicles with spare cycles on their roofs, sponsor’s vehicles, vehicles containing dignitaries, more police vehicles and bringing up the rear, an ambulance.

Leaders of the pack as it came through Geddington were members of the Boels Dolman and United Healthcare Teams, followed closely by the Wiggle Team. But the Race lasts five days, so plenty of time for changes at the front.

Congratulations must be sent to the organisers of this event, the Sweetspot Group, as well as the sponsors and, of course, our County council for giving us the opportunity of seeing an unusual and spectacular event.

Debbie Kemp, and her parents, watch her friends and former colleagues

Debbie Kemp, and her parents, watch her friends and former colleagues

Debbie Kemp, a former Rider and Publicity Manager for the Tour of Britain, and now living in Geddington, commented: “The idea of  having a Ladies Tour is fantastic and what is so good now, is that after over twenty years, the Ladies have got equal pegging with the lads. This is the first race where equal sponsorship money has been available – and it’s significant money too.

There’s also another milestone here, because this is the first International Team Race in the UK. A great event all round.

To follow the Tour go to www.

Further images of the Tour and if you have any you would like to share with visitors to this site, please send them to us via our email.

The Riders' view of the Eleanor Cross

The Riders’ view of the Eleanor Cross

Surface Dressing on Roads

‘Working to ensure road surfaces last longer.’

Northamptonshire Highways have advised that it is now the season for surface dressing of roads.  This is undertaken as part of their on-going, low-cost annual maintenance programme.

Communications Manager, Ms Miller comments: “Our surface dressing season runs from early April to the end of May and is very specific, due to road temperatures, as it cannot be carried out in cold or wet weather.  Bitumen and chippings provide added protection to the road surface and are used to restore skidding resistance and seal the road against surface water.”

Advance notice will be given where and when the resurfacing will be done, but Highways also asks that people assist them by moving vehicles before work is started, as this will prevent them from being damaged and help to complete the job.

Whilst the streets of Geddington seldom have this work done, surrounding roads leading into the village do, so the usual 20mph speed, and special care, is needed when travelling over them.

Further information can be obtained from:
Communications Manager, Northamptonshire Highways
Brioxworth Depot, Harborough Road, Northampton NN6 9BX


Geddington By-pass Opening

Geddington By-pass Opening 23rd May 2014


County Councillor Jim Harker reports: 

“I am very pleased indeed to say that, at last, the Geddington By-pass (otherwise known as the “Corby Link Road”) will be opened by the Roads Minister, Robert Goodwill, at 12noon on Friday 23rd May 2014.


The ceremony will take place at the Barford Bridge end of the bypass and all are welcome to attend.


Arrangements are being made to transport Geddington school children to the site where they will assist with the ribbon cutting and receive a memento of the occasion.”


After the ribbon cutting ceremony, there will be a cavalcade of vehicles, consisting of:


            Bluebird Formula E car

            Silverstone F1 racing car

            Silverstone Aston Martin and Ferrari

            BMW Corby Electric car

            Renault Corby Electric car


            Police car


            Fire engine


            Double-decker buses for children

 Also joining the cavalcade are articulated lorries from:

RS Components


            Knights of Old

            Wyvern Cargo



Councillor Harker added, “And, of course, our very own Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade’s fire engine ‘The Queen Eleanor‘, will be driven along the route of the new road.


The Queen Eleanor Fire Engine

The Queen Eleanor Fire Engine

This is a great day for Geddington.  The impact from traffic going through the village will be hugely reduced, especially as nearly all of the heavy goods vehicles will be removed. It is the culmination of a fight that has been waged for over forty years and is a great credit to everyone who has taken part in the campaign over these years.  Hooray!!”





Northamptonshire County Council is proud to host the first Women’s Tour of Britain for its start and first day in our county.


The Tour is a five day event, starting in Oundle on Wednesday 7th May at 11.00 am and passes through Grafton Underwood, Geddington, Rushton and other villages on its way to the end of the first day in Northampton.


It is scheduled to travel from Brigstock to Grafton, turning right at the Geddington turn at approximately 11.10 am on Wednesday 7th May, continuing via Boughton House, down Grafton Road into Geddington, up West Street and leaving via Newton Road, between 11.15 am and 11.45 am approximately.


Details can be found on the Tour website, on Facebook at and Twitter @thewomenstour#WT2014.


County Councillor, Jim Harker comments: “I am very pleased that the County Council has been able to secure this important international event for Northamptonshire, and hope that as many people as possible will turn out on the day to cheer on the riders!”

woments_ tour_hogoWomen's Tour V2

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