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GVFB to the Rescue

drought is a long period of time during which no rain falls.
A drought is a period of below-average precipitation in a given region.
A drought can last for months or years, or can be declared as few as 15 days.

There are many definitions of the meaning of drought, but it would appear that Geddington is in the middle of a drought at present. The last time a significant amount of rain fell on Geddington was on 27 May (approx 2/3rds of an inch or 15ml), previous to that rain fell on 12 May (1/3rd of an inch) and previous to that on 24 April (1/4 inch).

Admittedly these readings were taken from an amateur weather station, but even the most optimistic of people have to admit that we haven’t had much precipitation since the snow of 17 March.

gasping gardens : arid allotments.

The Geddington Brickyard Garden (GBG) is a fellow sufferer, but it has other problems on its mind, other than drooping flowers and empty water butts. On the 6, 7 and 8 July, Geddington Amateur Dramatic Society is holding its first outdoor production at the GBG: HAPPY CAMPERS (see poster below).* 

The GBG have provided a lovely green grassed area for the GADS’ stage, only it’s not very green. The Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade were called in and it rallied to the rescue with the Queen Eleanor Fire Engine appearing on Monday night with enough water in its tank to green up the grass.

Click on this image for full details of this unique occasion or alternatively, go to 6, 7 & 8 July in the Diary on this site.

* There have been other outdoor productions, notably at The Long Barn, Grafton Road – remember Midsummers Night’s Dream? – but this is the first at the GBG.

Sunset Phenomenon

Geddington was treated to a remarkable sunset last night.

A rare Sunset Pillar appeared in the west – obviously – although sun pillars do happen at sunrise, so they would appear in the east.

“A sun pillar is a halo phenomenon of a vertical shaft of light extending upward or downward from the sun. Typically seen during sunrise or sunset, sun pillars form when sunlight reflects off the surfaces of ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds (e.g. cirrostratus clouds). The hexagonal plate-like ice crystals fall with a horizontal orientation, gently rocking from side to side as they fall. When the sun is low on the horizon, an area of brightness appears in the sky above (or below) the sun as sunlight is reflected off the surfaces of these tipped ice crystals.

Sun pillars are seen best within a few minutes of sunrise or sunset. Initially they have about the same colour and width as the sun, but sun pillars will gradually change their colour from orange-white to red-orange.”

But enough of the science, here are a couple of images taken around 9.30pm

And then, about an hour later the sun pillar had shrunk, but the earth having moved, it can be placed in relation to the village with the silhouette of the church:

I’m fortunate in living on slightly higher ground and with a window facing east, because we’ve had some lovely sunsets recently, but does anyone have images of them? Would you like to display them here on We’d all love to see them!

The Star Inn still shines brightly

The First Year Anniversary of The Star’s re-opening was celebrated last night with one of its successful bi-weekly quizzes.

General Manager, Richard Freeman, welcomed all the quizzers to his family’s celebration and vey generously supplied refreshments during the quiz.

To be in(n)keeping (geddit?) with the occasion, all the questions were ‘Star’ related, even the music round had stars scattered throughout its 20 questions, and not just the singers.

Approximately 80 people made up the 18 teams who engaged in battle for answers to the four rounds. The most successful team, with 86 and a half points, were the Queen Street Runners, not for the first time, if the reception to their win was anything to go by, but even so, well done to the team.

Congratulations, and thanks, must also be given to Jackie & Gordon for the quiz questions, to John for the music questions, to Sue for chasing up the entries and raffle ticket sales, and to all the team who prepared such a successful quiz night. The beneficiary for this week was The Samuel Lee Charity, who were given the proceeds of a little over £200.

Do you know of a Charity that would benefit from a quiz night? Then contact Richard on tel: 01536 745990 or

Greenbelt Festival 2018

This year, the Greenbelt Festival organisers are making 200 adult weekend tickets available for just £5 per ticket to people in the neighbouring parishes, on a first come, first served basis. The tickets are available from 1st June and, based on last year, will go very quickly.

Local parishioners can have a maximum of 4 free adult tickets. They will be charged for any children/young people’s tickets they select, but can have as many free infant (under 5 years) tickets as they require.

To obtain these, go to
On that page there is a box for entering promotional codes. If you enter aoti18localwknd in the box, then it will display a new ticket type, called Local Weekend Ticket. You can select up to 4 of these for free, add in any child/youth tickets that are required and conform booking.

Click on image above to sharpen printed text and get the ticket prices

Greenbelt Festivals
The Nest
Church House
86 Tavistock Place
Telephone: 0207 329 0038
Registered charity: 289372

May Day 2018 – the pictures

So, the sun shone on all the activities!

Many thanks to Lynette Litman for sending these images of the May Queen, her Attendants and some of the dancing.

View from the churchyard, always a good vantage point.

May Queen and her attendants

May Day 2018

Family health problems mean that the website cannot attend this year’s

May Day !

Good Luck to all those taking part and may the sun shine on your activities.



Parish of Geddington, Newton & Lt Oakley

Notice of the Annual Village Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  that the ANNUAL VILLAGE MEETING of local government electors (all those eligible to vote) for the above-named Parish will be held in the Village Hall, Geddington, in the Lounge on:

Monday 14th May 2018, commencing at 6.30pm

under the chairmanship of Nick Batchelor,
Chairman of the Parish Council.

The Annual Village Meeting is your opportunity to put forward ideas for discussion.


Mr N Batchelor
Chairman of the Parish Council

Please note: there are 3 meetings this evening, held consecutively:
1. Annual Parish Meeting ~ 6.30 – 7pm
2. Parish Council AGM ~ 7 – 7.30pm
3. Monthly Parish Council Meeting ~ 7.30 – 9pm

The Mobile Library Service

The Mobile Library Service has been a welcome addition to life in the village, for those who prefer to walk the few yards to get their reading matter from the van parked at The Cross every month. The alternative was to find a space in the limited parking spots opposite Kettering Library, or a much longer walk from the (pay to stay) London Road Car Park.

However, in its look at the 2018 Budget, the Northamptonshire County Council ‘put the brakes on’ the mobile library van. The Northants Library Information Service commented in February, “Due to the age and condition of the vehicle there was a risk of incurring expensive repair work each time it went out. The recent spending controls imposed by the Director of Finance under Section 114, meant that we had to withdraw the service with immediate effect.”

“All Mobile Library customers were contacted individually to explain the situation. However, if any residents who want to continue to use the library service, but are unable to visit the nearest library, can be considered for home delivery through our Library To You service. More information on a planned expansion of this service will be announced in due course, but in the meantime, any information can be gained from”

HOWEVER, all is not lost!
As usual, Geddington has come up with an answer!

With the closure of the mobile library service in Geddington,
there is now a Bookswap service!
Pop into church on a Tuesday or the last Saturday of the month between 10 and 12 for a warm welcome, drinks and cake, and the opportunity to swap or buy books!
We’ve got a great selection so you’re bound to find one you like.

GADS- Drama at the heart of the village – 1980s

The ten years of this decade saw huge shifts in global power, dramatic strides towards peace and reconciliation in eastern Europe and bitter renewals of old tensions in the Middle and Far East.

In 1981 the first Space Shuttle Columbia successfully completed its mission and with it consolidated the notion of mankind living in, working in and developing areas of space previously unknown.

Changes in leadership in Russia brought a new generation to power and, as bridges were built with the US administration under Ronald Reagan, words like ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’ became commonplace here too. Power in Europe shifted as countries took the opportunity to break away from the USSR and become independent. In Germany the culmination of this process was the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, setting the scene for the reunification of Germany after many years of division.

In Britain the nation responded publicly to the Ethiopian Famine by supporting Live Aid, a startlingly ambitious transatlantic event which those who were there, or those who watched it on TV will never forget.

New ‘flats’, new curtains, new lighting, bigger stage…

Less ambitious, but drawing on similar talents, GADS continued its successful development as a society. There were new stage ‘flats’ to consider and new curtains to cost; the previous productions had left the society with a healthy bank balance of £600 and enthusiasm within the group was at an all time high. Car rallies, BBQs , after play parties and visits to other theatrical venues like Tolethorpe Hall were enjoyed by the members outside rehearsal periods and there was a very strong sense of camaraderie.

The support in the village and the locality was now so strong that a ‘Patrons’ membership had been introduced which brought in funds and gave those sponsoring GADS priority booking rights. Mr & Mrs Knight of Church Farm were among those ‘Patrons’.

David Holmes, Nigel Ball, Janice A’Ness, Claire Stone, Joanne James and Allison Crouch in ‘ I Remember Mama’

Early 80s productions included ‘Off the Hook’, a comedy ;     ‘I remember Mama’, a period drama and ‘Oh Clarence’, a Blandings Castle farce with reporting from the Evening Telegraph and Weekend Television. Receipts were good and membership increased. Two new aspects to GADS activities were in development at this stage. A Young GADS group had been considered for some time and finally in 1982 Young GADS was formed. It had 21 members and its first production was The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party  in the grounds of the Priory as part of that year’s Medieval Fayre. With the help of Keith Sexton, Paul Richardson, Ian Spencer and Sylvia Cook these youngsters would also take part in the Drama Festival later in the year.

At the same time the idea of a ‘Concert Party’ to give recitals, perform short sketches and revisit popular songs from musicals came to fruition and the members of the Society had another outlet for their talents!

‘Oh Clarence’ A Blandings Castle Comedy

In 1982 the GADS committee took another step; they introduced Honorary Life Membership in recognition of those who had served the society well for many years, giving freely of their time and talents. Those who were invited to take up membership initially were Bill Swan, Maurice Holmes and Mrs E. M. Moore. For each of them there would be two complimentary tickets for each future performance and an open invitation to attend all the society’s social events.

Quite a treat!

Perhaps not surprisingly, given the Space Shuttle programme, ‘Ring around the Moon ‘ by Frenchman Jean Anouilh was the choice for the November production in 1982. Boughton House agreed to allow photographs to be taken with the house as a backdrop, representing the French chateau in which the action takes place; action that focuses on satirising aristocratic life in the early 1900s. A trio of musicians were at the centre of the set ‘extrovertly’ led by Stuart Bowyer and the atmosphere was described by one reporter as ‘vivacious, ritzy and melodramatic’ . Alan Couch, Joanna James and Kay Marlow were highly commended but the best compliment was reserved for Sylvia Cook (Capulat) and Marion Sexton (Isabelle’s mother) as ‘a wonderful pair of old hens’

The impressive and well lit set gives an immediate tone of elegance and sophistication to Evan Roberts’ perceptive production which brings a new dimension to GADS repertoire so far’

All that hard work to improve the stage and the facilities had been worth it!

*****************************************************************************************************************                 If the photographs bring back memories of those taking part or you were in the audience, please share your stories with us. Leave a comment or send us a photo.

Were you a Young GAD? Does anyone have photographs of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?

More stories from GADS in May.



PA’s Auction of Promises

The Parents’ Association are holding an

Friday 27 April

Full details for time and ticket costs etc, are in the Diary page, however for a preview of the Promises that will be auctioned, here is the list so far:

• A tray of 16 of Mr McLean’s famous Chocolate Brownies (Class 3 and Class R dad).
• A Great British Coin Hunt collector’s album.
• 1 large basket of ironing from Eve Berridge (Class 3 mum).
• A game for 4 people at New York Thunder Bowl.
• A custom-made Storybook Cushion from Paula Harker (Class 2 mum).
• Free entry and a ‘Meet the Meerkats’ experience for 2 people at Bugtopia The Zoo (aged 7+).
• A decorated plate by Cardine Woolsey (Class 3 mum).
• 2 sets of goody bags from Mini Mischiefs Soft Play – each containing a £5 voucher and a voucher for half price entry.
• A cross stitch collage – birth or wedding sampler or family picture, from Merrilie McLean (Class 3 and Class R mum).
• A cut and blow dry at Askews hair salon.
• Beavers, cubs or scout badges sewn onto uniform for a whole year from Lisa Jackson (Class 3 mum).
• Babysitting (during the day or a weekday evening) from Kelly Newell (Class 3 mum).
• A brewery tour for 2 at Potbelly Brewery.
• 2 hours of gardening from Zowie Dixon (Class 3 mum).
• 6 weeks of dance classes from The Dance Factory (for new enrolments only).
• A Family Day Pass for Santa Pod Raceway. This is for any of their Drag Racing events and is valid for 2 adults and up to 6 children.
• Kennel boarding for 5 days (Mon-Fri) at Harker’s Barkers.
• A celebration cake made by Cakes by Caroline, to the value of £50.
• 2 tickets to Burghley Horse Trials in September.
• A 30 minute riding lesson at Croft Barns Riding School.
• 2 tickets to Malvern Spring Garden show in May.
• A day pass for 2 people at West Lodge Farm.
• A one hour body massage from Dianah Churchill Holistic Therapies.
• A family ticket for Rockingham Castle.
• Afternoon tea for two at Beckworth Emporium.
• Manual labour for 2 hours from 4 members of the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade – use them to clear your garden, do a tip run, clean your cars etc.
• Admission and afternoon tea for two at Lamport Hall.
• 1 month’s membership to Diana’s health and fitness.
• A Deluxe Steak Selection Box from Bradbury’s Family Butchers.
• A private wine-tasting session for 4 people at Majestic Wine, Kettering.
• A 3 course dinner for up to 6 people cooked in your own home.
• A Colour White photography experience including 1 hour studio session and a 8×6 photograph.
• A Toshiba laptop.
• A 75 minute hypnotherapy session with Martin Boyce (Certified Hypnotherapist).

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