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Celebrating a New Ministry

St Mary Magdalene Church
on Sunday 12th January
saw the licensing of
The Reverend Robert Thomas Parker-McGee
in The Benefice of Geddington & Weekley,
by the
Bishop of Peterborough
and the
Installation by the Archdeacon of Oakham.

 In a packed church, Father Rob was officially welcomed to our village by His Grace, the Duke of Buccleuch, the Dean of Peterborough, Leader of the Council Jim Harker, Head Teacher Sue Spooner, Treasurer and Churchwardens of Weekley Church and by Geddington’s Scout Group.

An attendance of approximately 200 people, swelled by a  coach load of Father Rob’s former parishioners, watched the ancient, hour-long service unfold.

Towards the end of the service, the new Priest-in-Charge, was led to the bell tower, where he tolled a bell. Finally, at the door of the church, the churchwardens gave him the keys of the two churches.

An excellent buffet,  provided by the many members of the congregation, and organised by Margaret Leaton and Jane Rowley, was held afterwards in the School Hall.

And finally, a few words from Fr Rob:

“Sunday was a lovely welcome to the parish and to have so many people attend from the village and from various corners of the country was truly humbling. I feel very privileged to be asked to work amongst a thoroughly welcoming, active and vibrant church community and such a friendly village. Thank you to one and all for all of their care and friendliness. Over the coming years, I hope to be able to serve this community in the same. With much love and many blessings, Fr Rob.”

Order of Service

Order of Service

Traffic management strategy makes Geddington a safer village

It may have taken 18 months, hours of discussion, many meetings and individual and organisational commitment, but we are now at the point where
the final piece of the traffic management strategy is being put in place – our illuminated signs at the points of entry from the A43, will be operational from the end of the month.20 + 7

Those of you involved from the beginning will remember the high levels of concern amongst residents about safety in the village because of the speed and weight of many vehicles travelling down our  streets.  Parked cars were being damaged by oversize vehicles, roads and sewers were giving way under the repeated weight of traffic; much to the concern of English Heritage, the Cross became vulnerable to the continual vibration from traffic and there were several near misses where vehicles mounted the pavements without thought for the pedestrians walking there.  Nobody wanted speed bumps or the loss of parking near homes, but nor did we want to feel that it was not safe for our children to walk to school.

Through questionnaires and consultation across many residents’ groups, it became clear that the issues needed to be tackled across the village as a whole. Residents, the Parish Council, the Borough Council, the County Council, Boughton Estates, Northamptonshire police and Geddington school all contributed to the debate as we looked at ways to improve safety within a realistic budget. Thank you to all of you who gave your time, your ideas or your expertise, as we searched for a solution.

The result was a ‘limited’ area where speed bumps would not be used as a traffic calming measure.

However there  would be:

  • new controls to ensure a reduction in overweight vehicles using West Street, Grafton Road and Queen Street.
  • improved lining as a safety measure for the narrowest part of West Street, the area around the school and at the junction of Grange Road.
  • a 20mph speed limit, given the consensus  that reduced speeds around the village would minimise the risk of fatal accidents for pedestrians.

As discussions got underway it was clear  there needed to be compromises or adaptations to plans to avoid unnecessary costs.  However our new illuminated, combined speed and weight restriction signs mean a reduction in street furniture and a very effective reminder of the need for care on our narrow streets, particularly where footpaths too are narrow or non-existant.  By being prepared to see  the bigger picture, we have succeeded in implementing a strategy to improve conditions for all of us, wherever we live in the village.

Support for the changes has been overwhelming. On behalf of the residents who raised the issue initially, thank you to our councillors, the police, the bus companies, the parents, the headteacher and school pupils (especially class 6 who posted a 20 sign in their window), the Boughton Estates team, the brewery drivers,the post office, those of you who felt strongly enough to display interim ’20’ signs and, most of all, thank you to those of you who daily drive with care through the village.


really is plenty and will help us keep people and places safe for the future. Thank you all.

Janet Jones

Speeding towards 20mph – still !

According to our posting on 7th December, we were expecting to see the 20mph and weight limit signs up in the village by the end of that week.  However, they didn’t appear perhaps because of an unexplicable or unexplainable delay.

But the good news is that according to Matthew Barrett of the Northampton County Council’s Highways Department: ” The signs will be put up either on the 8th January or by the end of the week.” He added that: “The switching on of the lighting will take place either on 20th January or the 28th January.”

We await the outcome.20mph


P.C. saddened by unexpected resignation of Chairman

Popular Parish Council Chairman Ken Barber, in a sudden and unexpected move,  resigned his position as Chairman and Councillor from the Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council.

Ken commented: ” I have resigned from the Parish Council as I need to pay more attention to my wife, Val’s, needs.

Mark Rowley, commentating on behalf of the Council members, said: “Ken was a valued member and will be sorely missed.

At the December meeting, Cllr Mark Rowley was voted to the position of Chairman. Vice-chairman will now be Cllr David Watson.  Ken was also the Chair of Footpaths & Lighting, but this position will be filled at the next Annual Parish Meeting in May 2014.



Festival of Trees & Lights

The Christmas Tree Festival
held at
The Church of St Mary Magdalene

over the last weekend, transformed the normal mellow limestone colours of the church walls into a wonderland of colour and light.

There were twenty-nine Christmas Trees with some of the best decorations, and some of the best punning names, yet seen at one of these Festivals.

Many of Geddington’s organisations were represented here: from Primary school to Pre-school, from the W.I. to the Gardening Club, from GADS to the GVFB and, of course, representation from the church – the Bellringers (Camponolotree) and the Choir (Choristree).  There were also many trees beautifully decorated by individuals.

The organisers thanked all those involved who helped over the two days of the Festival as, apart from the trees, there were some seasonal refreshments, an interesting tombola and a raffle with three wonderful hamper prizes.

The Christmas Story - detail

Detail from ‘The Story of Christmas’

Visitors were invited to vote for the tree they liked best, which would be rewarded with a gift. It was well worth the admission price of £2, especially as all the proceeds were to go to the Church funds.

(Click on each picture to see a larger image, however, you may have to click on the image on the next page, which should bring the image up full size. Don’t ask – I don’t know why!)

Geddington speeds towards 20mph – well almost!

The signs are looking good (please excuse the pun!), but early on the morning of  Saturday 7 December, the poles for the 20mph sign were erected at the entrances to the village.

At the moment, only the poles can be seen, but later this week, when the electricity is connected to the poles, the illuminated signs will also be erected.

Stephen & David

Stephen & David from Balfour Beatty

In the image (left) taken at the end of West Street, the ‘GIVE WAY’ sign will be taken away and the permanent sign will be put in place, showing not only the speed limit, but the weight limit as well.

The work sheet (image right) shows not only the sign as you enter the village, Signsbut the reverse of it as you leave the village, ie the 30mph etc.


The 20mph speed limit will affect all of the village east of the A43.

More on this story later this week.

Christmas in the Library

 Christmas in Libraries Day
Saturday 7th December

All libraries in Northamptonshire warmly invite you to drop by to celebrate the start of the festive season with a wide variety of activities and events.

Celebrations for all the family include craft stalls, seasonal refreshments – including mince pies and hot fruit punch – a Christmas wrapping service, Carol singing and Christmas quizzes.

If you are stuck for gifts, we have a brand new range of items for sale in our library shops, from children’s stocking fillers to quality gifts for someone special.

All profits go toweards your library service, so please join our staff and volunteers, in starting the Christmas season in style, with a smile!

For further details visit: and click on your local library.




Fly the Flag for Northamptonshire

A competition has been launched on Northamptonshire County Council’s website to find a flag for Northamptonshire.  The contest is open to schools, community groups or individuals to design a flag which they believe best represents the county.
Chairman of the County Council, Cllr Joan Kirkbride said: “Over the past two years here in the UK we have had ample opportunities to get out there and wave flags, whether it has been to celebrate the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or supporting our Olympic heroes.
The Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee is now encouraging communities across the country to get involved and register their own flags. We think this is a golden opportunity for Northamptonshire to find a flag of which we can be proud.”
All entries will be judged by a panel including:
·         Professor Jon Stobart – University of Northampton.
·         Cllr Joan Kirkbride – Chairman of the County Council
·         Alex Kirkbride
·         Cllr Heather Smith – Deputy Leader of Northamptonshire County Council
·         Cllr Johnnie Amos – Commonwealth Flag Project and County Flag Co-ordinator
·         Philip Tibbetts – The Flag Institute, London
·         David Smith – Northamptonshire County Cricket Club
These panellists will choose a final set of five designs. which will then be open for the public to vote on the council’s website.
The competition schedule is as follows:
      Friday January 17 – last date for entry submissions
      Monday January 20 to January 31 – short list decided by judging panel
      February 24 to April 21 – Public vote to decide the most popular entry,
     which will take place on the Council website.
      May – winner announced
To find out full details of the competition visit
Here there are details of how to enter, closing dates for entry,
plus tips for any budding flag designers who want to take part!
The map below shows those counties who have already registered flags. Perhaps they can  give some ideas for future flag designers.

Community Speed Watch

Motorists who speed through residential neighbourhoods are often unaware of the impact their actions have on other road users or the dangers they pose.  Speed checks show that drivers exceeding the speed limit are often local to the village or surrounding area.  For this reason, the Parish Council invited the Police along to the recent Parish Council meeting to explain how Community Speed Watch works.

Community Speed Watch is an initiative that uses the combined efforts of local residents, Police County Council and ACRE.  The Parish Council would like to change people’s attitudes towards speeding in order to create a safer environment. Read more →

Another Road Closure – A509 Pytchley Road, Kettering

Do you shop at Tesco’s?

Do you go to the Odeon Cinema?

Do you want to visit any of the shops, offices and businesses in Pytchley Lodge Road, Kettering Retail Park or Kettering Venture Park?

Do you get there by way of the Pytchley Road?

If so, then you might want to read on . . .

The Railway Bridge on the A509, Pytchley Road, Kettering, which leads to all these places is undergoing reconstruction.

In fact, the bridge is to be brought down at 12 noon on Christmas Day!

Read more →

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