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Beer Festival with a difference! has spoken to Andrew Hammond, Commanding Officer of the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade (GVFB), about its forthcoming Beer Festival and Trundle. Andrew explained that “The Trundle is loosely based on times when a local farmer would roll a barrel of beer up on to the Chase for his workers at harvest time. Sunday September 8th celebrates this with the Geddington Beer Festival and Trundle hosted at the Star Inn. Read more →

Mobile Library Service Annual Review

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Each year, the Northamptonshire Libraries & Information Service carry out an annual review of the Mobile Library Service. This year’s review has made some very minor changes and these will take effect from 1st August 2013 and will continue until 31st July 2014. Read more →

We’ve been blue-binned!

The Blue Bin effect.

So, after years of separating our recyclable waste at home, we now put it all in one blue bin. So how does the new system work and where does all our rubbish go to?

The simple answer is that everything that can be recycled goes to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where it is sorted, separated, whether by hand or machine and sometimes both, then sent to manufacturers to be made into new products. Read more →

Geddington Street Fair – A Great Result

Nothing gladdens the heart more than good weather for an event that has taken so much effort to bring to fruition. The Parents’ Association (the organisers), the GVFB (the helpers) and the stallholders of this year’s Street Fair, awoke to what promised to be a good weather day. And the early promise didn’t disappoint, as the sunshine continued throughout the day. Read more →

A43 Corby Link Road Closures & Diversions has been given advanced notice of road closures and diversions, due to the building of the A43 Corby Link Road between Barford Bridge and the Stanion roundabout. Read more →

Geddfest has heard from Nicky & Stewart of the White Hart saying “We would like to thank the sponsors of this event and all of the hard work of our staff and friends that has enabled us to donate a cheque to Geddington School for £1010.07. Read more →

The School Run – Traffic & Parking! has published a number of articles this year about traffic issues in the village covering Heavy Goods Vehicles driving through our narrow streets and the 20’s Plenty campaign to lower speeds and improve safety. The one area we’ve not addressed to date is parking, particularly at school drop off and pick up times. Read more →

The Mayor’s Boundary Bashing Bike Ride

Bike Ride 031

Ready and waiting

After more than a week of scorching hot weather, Sunday dawned overcast and cooler – a relief to some, and none more than the riders of Mayor Keli Watts’ Boundary Bashing Bike Ride. Over 30 cyclists took part, coming from as far afield as Reading, Crick, the West Midlands and Leicestershire, as well as Kettering Borough residents, including some from Geddington. Mayor Keli told me that some cyclists were there because they had seen the posting on this website. Read more →

It’s a messy business!!

Apparently an increasing number of dog owners are failing to clear up there dog mess! Local councillor John Padwick says that “the top of Wood Street/Clay Dick seems to be a big problem and the Kettering Borough Council Dog Warden has been made aware”. However the “problem appears to be widespread across Geddington. I’ve been told that uncleared dog mess has even been found on the bridge in the waiting areas”. He added the “issue seems to be one of respect for others and responsibility not to mention health, particularly of small children.”. Read more →

Get fit with the Mayor – in Geddington this Sunday!

The Mayor of Kettering, Cllr Keli Watts, is undertaking a bike ride around the boundaries of the Borough to raise money for charity and is urging as many people to join her as possible.  She has told “My charities are: The Knibb Youth Club in Montagu Street – the members of which do a fantastic amount for the youth of the Borough and The Ronald MacDonald Childrens’ Charity.  This is a global charity, but also very energetic in the UK.  It raises funds to acquire accommodation near hospitals and hospices, so that the family unit can stay together.” Read more →

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