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Local Tax

Back door inflation-busting increase in parts of the council tax

– Whatever you call it, they all mean one thing – an increase in the amount of money that is taken out of our purses by those who govern us and supply our services.

Northamptonshire County Council are looking to saving another £140 million over the next four years. In an effort to achieve this, the NCC has come up with a number of ideas, all of which need public consultation. The consultation takes the form of a survey entitled Asset Management Strategy Consultation. In this survey, the County Council is asking parish councils and residents’ groups for their views on a range of new ideas designed to save money and ensure the Highway Service uses its budget as efficiently as possible.

It is being suggested that Parish Councils and Residents’ Groups take on the maintenance work for some rural roads and the ideas include:

1          Reducing the width of some rural roads to a single lane with passing places, thereby restricting the type of vehicle that can use them, helping to preserve surfaces.

2          Consider taking part in maintenance work including looking after verges, hedges and clearing ditches.

3          Take ownership of assets such as electronic roadside message signs, grit bins, village signs and gateways.

Already work has begun to de-clutter roads of unnecessary signage and it is anticipated that this downsizing could be spread to possibly encompass redundant assets including some roads and bridges.

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A43 Open at Stanion Island (Roundabout)

The Sign says it all:

A43 Open 001

This sign is on the road north of Stanion.

The A43 is now open again at the Stanion Island (Roundabout) and traffic is flowing freely, although still with caution, as the traffic cones are still very much in evidence and there is still much to be done before completion of the road, which is anticipated to be spring 2014.

Geddington has experienced so little traffic along the A43 whilst work has been carried out at the Stanion Island, it has given us a preview of what the conditions might be like after the Link Road is completed.

However, before we get to that idyllic state, we have to go through a week of  extremely unsusual conditions, while the A6003 is closed for resurfacing. (See post on 2nd July 2013).  Geddington can expect a little more traffic than usual.

Please note:

The A6003 will be closed for one week commencing on Monday 11th November 2013 and traffic will be diverted via the A43.

Further details of this closure, and a map of the area with diversions, to follow within the next few days.

The Star’s light dims

The Star’s light is glowing dimly at present as its patrons prepare to say goodbye to the Traceys. Time will be called for the last time by Vaughan and Joanne on Saturday evening, 2 November.
Thanks should go to them for their efforts behind the bar, and in the kitchen, over the last six months. We wish them well with whatever their future plans may be.
A positive item to record here, is that we will be welcoming two new people who will be occupying the Star by the end of next week. We’ll have news of them in the next couple of weeks.

St Mary Magdalene Church has a new vicar.

This announcement was read at all services

in the Parish of Geddington & Weekley,

on Sunday 20 October 2013


‘Appointment of Priest in Charge’


“We are delighted to announce that, following interview and with the unanimous approval of the parish representatives and the support of the representative of the Patron (Boughton Estates Limited), the Reverend Rob Parker-McGee has accepted Bishop Donald’s invitation to become Priest in Charge of the Benefice of Geddington & Weekley.

Subject to the normal Church of England legal and administrative procedures, Rob will be licensed in St Mary Magdalene, Geddington on Sunday 12 January at 3 pm.”


Father Rob + family

Father Rob and his family in 2012

Bishop Donald and Archdeacon Gordon are very grateful to all who helped with the preparation of the benefice profile, all the arrangements for the interview day and for the continuing and encouraging ministry of the parishes in the service of Christ during the vacancy. We ask for your prayers for Rob and Sarah and their family as they prepare for their move to this diocese.

The Venerable Gordon Steele

Archdeacon of Oakham


It will be nine months since Canon Giles Godber left Geddington, a much shorter interregnum than the previous one, but the team that were put in charge for this period, look forward to welcoming Father Rob.


For further details of the selection process etc,  go to the church website, which can be accessed from via Village Life/The Church/Pulpit.

A43 Chaos again

After posting that the A43 at Stanion Roundabout was open today, due to excess surface water which meant that laying tarmac wasn’t possible, the road dried up enough during the day to start the work.

Motorists trying to get through report this evening that they are stuck in a traffic jam with only the Eurohub exit working.

So, back to Plan A, and avoid the A43 at the Stanion Roundabout, it will be closed to through traffic all week.

A43 Stanion Roundabout Openers & Closures

Monday 28 October 2013 understands that, due to the large amount of surface water, completion works cannot be carried out on the roundabout this week.

The A43 is, therefore, OPEN for through traffic at the Stanion Roundabout.

Further details to follow as and when we’re notified.

A43 Closure – REMINDER

The A43 at the Stanion Roundabout, or as the constructors call it, the Stanion Island A43, will be closed from Monday 28th October for one week (you will have to add the ‘f’ to the ‘or’ on the sign, it seems to been left out).

There will be NO THROUGH ACCESS beyond this roundabout/island.

For more information and details of detours and diversions, see our last NEWS post, dated  16 October.


The A43 – More Closures, More Diversions

To those of us who use the A43, the part of it from Kettering to Corby, it was obvious that the Stanion Roundabout wasn’t finished during the last round of closures and diversions.  The time has now come for the finishing touches.

This road will be closed during half-term week, Monday 18 October – Friday 1 November, and in two stages as before.

Interserve Construction Ltd explains:

“As part of the construction of the A43 Corby Link Road, sections of the A43 around Stanion will need to be closed between Monday 28th October and Friday 1st November 2013. The closures will be over a four-day period, weather permitting. This period has been chosen to coincide with the school half term break.

Since the first closure at the Stanion Island, essential new drainage and kerbing works have been completed and this latest closure will allow the final tarmac surfacing and white lining, to be completed.

As before, the closure will take place in two phases with each phase scheduled to last for two days. Throughout there will be 3-way traffic lights in operation 24 hours a day, on Stanion roundabout, to permit continual use of Longcroft Road, A43 South of the Stanion roundabout and the A6116 (Brigstock Road).

Advanced warning signs will be put in place in the week leading up to the closure, to alert people to diversions and the A6003 will be fully open to accommodate traffic.

The two phases are as follows:

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The Dog Poo Fairy doesn’t live in this village

The Dog Poo Fairy doesn’t live in this village

– is the most humorous poster to be seen concerning the current outbreak of dog faeces left lying around the village. But, it’s not a funny situation, far from it. At best, it is unsightly and smelly and  at worst it can contain and spread diseases, the two main groups of which, are parasitic infestations and bacterial or viral infections – and it also can leave you with very dirty shoes!

There is an Act of Parliament covering this situation, it is the “Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1966”. Kettering Borough Council has adopted and enforces this Act, which makes it ‘an offence for anyone in charge of a dog, to allow it to foul on any designated land within the Kettering Borough area, without removing the faeces.’ And that includes Geddington – whether it’s in the old bridge’s waiting areas or on the road to Clay Dick.

There are exceptions to this rule: blind people are exempt from cleaning up after their guide dog and also, anyone who finds their dog has fouled in any one of the following four areas:

1)  Highways with a speed limit of over 50mph
2)  Rural common land
3)  Woodland and agricultural land
4)  Marsh, moor and heath land

Parish Councillor John Padwick raised this issue in the Parish Council’s July meeting and many of you will have noticed that it is on this month’s Agenda, under the Environment & Recreation committee. Read more →

Autumn in England

Autumn in England

I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house.
So I spend almost all the daylight hours on the open air.

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)

This could almost be the mantra of the contestants of the:
The 2013 World Conker Championships
which will be held at
The Shuckburgh Arms in Southwick,
near Oundle, Northamptonshire on
13th October 2013.

The World Conker Championships are held on the second Sunday in October every year. Thousands flock to watch this great spectacle of modern day gladiators fighting for glory, armed only with a nut and 12″ of string. Over the years, Geddington has had teams competing and has proudly produced some winners. Will we see more? It’s easy to take part; web link below will get you there.


The first recorded game of conkers is believed to have taken place in the Isle of Wight in 1848, but organised by Ashton Conker Club, the competition first took place in 1965, and as well as a wonderful day out for all the family, they raise money for charities for the blind and the visually impaired.

There are separate Men’s, Ladies’ and Junior competitions; teams are more than welcome and there is a Team Award for the team whose members progress furthest through the competition.

World Conker Championships 2013 Timetable

9.30 am

Registration Starts

9.30 am

Stalls Open

11.00 am

Registration Closes

11.00 am

Start of play

2.00 pm

Conker Finals followed by
presentations and raffle draw

3.00 pm

Close of stalls

4.00 pm

Live music at the pub!

The event starts at 10:30 a.m. and finishes at 3:00 p.m.
As a spectator, the entrance costs are £2 for adults and £1 for senior citizens and children. Family tickets (2 adults and up to 4 children) cost £5. Car Parking is FREE!

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