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20’s Plenty for People Campaign

The 20’s Plenty For People campaign moves forward with Northamptonshire County Council’s announcement of the Proposed Order as set out below.




 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Northamptonshire County Council propose to make an Order under Sections 82, 83 and 84 and Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to prohibit any motor vehicle from travelling at a speed exceeding 20 mph or 30 mph along the lengths of roads as specified in the Schedules below.

A COPY of the proposed Order, together with a plan showing the exact length of road to which it relates and a statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Order, may be inspected at Kettering Library, Sheep Street, Kettering during its normal opening hours or at Riverside House, Riverside Way, Bedford Road Northampton during normal office hours.

OBJECTIONS to the proposed Order, stating the grounds on which they are made should be sent in writing to the Traffic Orders Section, Riverside House, Riverside Way, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN1 5NX by 6th June 2013.

Dated this 16th day of May 2013

Director of Legal Services                                            

Schedule 1 (20 mph speed limit)

Geddington – Wood Street (entire length); Chase Farm (entire length); Bakehouse Hill (entire length); Church Hill (entire length); Malting Lane (entire length); Bridge Street (entire length); Queen Street (entire length); West Street (entire length); Grafton Road – between its junction with Bridge Street and a point 212 metres south of Wood Street; Queen Eleanor Road (entire length); Chase Hill (entire length); The Woodlands (entire length); Chase View Road (entire length); Bright Trees Road (entire length); Fern Dale Close (entire length); Slade Close (entire length); Hall’s Close (entire length).   

Schedule 2 (30 mph speed limit)

Pytchley – Orlingbury Road – between its junction with Church Road and a point 153 metres south of that junction; Kettering Road – between its junction with High Street and a point 348 metres north of that junction.

Tough Mudder 2013 – Boughton House

Some 14,000 competitors from mainly southern UK descended on Boughton House on 4th/5th May to take part in the first of this year’s 6 Tough Mudders. The event, a half marathon with 25 large obstacles, really does not describe the challenge in any meaningful way.

Described by the organisers as “probably the toughest on the planet” the event lives up to its name, being a gruelling mud bath with most competitors covered from very early on. Obstacles such as “Artic enema” (ice bath), “Fire walker” (wall of fire) and “Electroshock Therapy” (hanging shock wires) just add to what many might describe as a living hell. Read more →

Great Geddington Garage Sale

Yes,  it was time for that great village recycling event again.

Villagers were up and about early on Saturday morning, setting out tables, gathering bags of unwanted items from the backs of cupboards, garages and sheds. The weather, as always, was rather unpredictable, but it didn’t put off those on the hunt for a bargain. Read more →

The Star – Shining brightly again!

The Star Inn has been taken on by the Tracey family who will be signing a 20 year lease shortly.

Joanne and Vaughan Tracey met in the Star some 35 years ago and have a sentimental connection with the pub having celebrated a number of individual and family events there particularly in their early years together. Read more →

GVFB 35th Anniversary

The Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade (GVFB) celebrated their 35th Anniversary on Saturday 13th April, 2013.  Over 90 guests of brigade members past and present together with their wives gathered at the village hall to feast and drink to the last 35 years.

Acting Chaplain Jerry Lee, in his first major appearance in his new role, said grace and the dinner began.  Toasts were made. Old friends were re-united and A HUGE amount of wine was consumed.

Former Adjutant and Commanding Officer Keith Rowland explained to the newer members all about the founding of the brigade and what life was like all those years ago.

The guest chef was Ally Robertson late of the Star Inn who with his team prepared a feast fit for the occasion.








GVFB_35th02 GVFB_35th_03








County Council Elections – More Comment! has just heard that Jim Harker (Conservative) has won the Ise division County Council seat by a slim margin from fellow Geddington resident Jonathan Bullock (UKIP).



Read more →

GADS – “Caught in the Net”

Geddington Amateur dramatic Society(GADS) has just successfully produced another play in it’s 56th year. Caught in the Net by Ray Cooney was a challenging script as the action takes place simultaneously in two separate houses with overlapping dialogue and many quickfire responses. A classic farce in which, on the single set, the audience can see and hear all but the characters are “oblivious” to the action in the other house. The cast rose to the challenge and delivered excellent and hilareous performances on all 4 nights that it ran.

Council Tax – Paying more than you should?

Parish Council funding has become a bit of a political hot potato within Kettering. Borough Councillor Jonathan Bullock says that “The Conservative manifesto of 2011 praised a new system of funding that would see Parish Council financing match the change in grant received from Government by Local Councils.”

“Despite this Kettering Borough Council decided to do away with grants for Parish Councils from May 2014.”  He added that he “campaigned against abolition of the grants which total approximately £80,000 across all Parishes within the Kettering Borough.”

Jonathan believes this could lead to a peculiar situation where facilities in Kettering Town are paid by the Borough, whilst similar facilities in Geddington and other villages will need to be funded by the Parish Council from their precept. This may also mean the disappearance of smaller Parish Councils who rely on this money for their continued existence.

Council Tax Demand notices have been delivered in the last few weeks, but despite Government urging, during the ongoing financial crisis, that Council Taxes be frozen, this hasn’t happened for residents of Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley.

At first glance it might seem that the increase is a mere 0.2% as the columns read as follows:
Northamptonshire County Council                  0.0% increase
Police and Crime Commission                          0.0% increase
Kettering Borough Council                                 0.0% increase
Geddington Newton and Little Oakley                 —–

Total Increase 0.2%

However if the 2012 and 2013 Geddington, Newton and Little Oakley Parish Council Precept is compared, the increase is 27.4%. If Kettering Borough Council is removing its payments to Parish Councils, should our Council Tax payments to the Borough Council not be reduced?

The Government has stated that the cap on Council Tax increases should not exceed 5% but Parish Councils are excluded from this cap, which many argue allows Borough and Parish Councils the ability to tax us twice for the same services.

The Village Shop and Tea Room

Suggestions that Pat and Trish are retiring from the Post Office are a little premature. Pat has told “Although we hope to retire in the not too distant future, current rumours have resulted from longer term plans including Post Office contract changes“. He added: “We hope to be serving the village in the shop and Tea Room for some time to come“.


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