A very special villageVisit our History and Archive pages to find more fascinating facts and information about this unique village.

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Geddington.net welcomes you to this site and invites you to explore our village through the news on our home page and the links shown above. These reflect the history, surroundings and people of the village that make it such a delightful place to live.

The website was set up in 2000, but was successfully re-designed and relaunched in 2013.

We hope you find lots to interest, inform and inspire you. Please leave a comment if you do and if there’s something we’ve missed we’d like to know!

Our website serves the village of Geddington and aims to create a practical resource that will be of value to our community and also of interest to others. It‘s run by villagers, for residents and seeks to draw in our neighbouring communities of Newton and Little Oakley offering a communication and information resource for all.

Geddington’s history reaches back to pre-history. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book and its status in medieval times is very visible in the church, the bridge and, of course, the remarkable Eleanor Cross. Across the village the fields, public rights of way and buildings, both ancient and modern, are testament to a village that has grown, developed and adapted over the centuries. Our village sign cleverly represents the aspects of social change which Geddington has faced.

Geddington is still a hub of activity. In past times the busy crossing point at the ford en route from London, the use of the Royal Hunting Lodge by former kings and the proximity of Boughton House brought noble visitors from around the country.

Visit our Archive pages to find more fascinating facts and information about this unique village. The History pages give more depth to some of the aspects of the village’s past.

Now, in the 21st century, Geddington still retains its strong sense of community while blending the old with the new, whether it’s buildings or people. The use of resources from the ironstone quarries, the woodlands and farm lands surrounding the village, has meant that Geddington people have always looked outward from the village, as well as building strong bonds of friendship within it. The pride of villagers, in what it can offer those who live here, continues today. New technologies have given us the means to look outward in a global context. This website has been designed for village residents, but we know that those who have moved away, prospective residents and those who would like to visit this thriving, creative community regularly visit this site.

Please feel free to comment on the content of the site as this helps us to ensure that the content remains current, relevant and interesting to our various audiences.

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