Traffic Problems

It’s difficult living in the village, and not at some stage be drawn into a conversation about traffic, parking and heavy goods vehicles travelling through the village.

Understandably some are constantly living on the front line, and it’s hard not to sympathise with the problems they face as most villagers will have at some time been confronted with large tractors; grain lorries, buses or parents dropping children at the school. Some have also suffered damage to property, vehicles and this must also include damage to highways and potentially the Eleanor Cross.

A survey conducted by concerned residents has revealed 8,000 traffic movements including 100+ heavy goods vehicles along West Street on average each week, confirmed home and car damage and that high levels of concern exist about vehicle collision and pedestrian injury.

West Street resident Janet Jones leading the “20 is Plenty” campaign said “I’ve spoken with Chris Sparrow (Boughton Estates) and he’s responded quickly to our concerns by re-routing logging lorries, grain lorries and major haulage companies who will now use the entrance / exit off Warkton Lane. He is very positive about working with us”

These problems have been raised and discussed at both the November and December Parish Council meetings. As a partial response to the traffic problems the Council has published proposals to extend the double yellow lines in West Street, introduce them on the corners of Grange Road/A43 and also the corners of the Wood Street/Grafton Road junction near the school. The aim in the main is to improve visibility in these locations but some believe the problem will simply be moved elsewhere.

The Council has told …………..”the consultations on double yellow lines is the first step in the Parish Councils review of traffic issues within the village, if residents want to get involved let me (Mark Rowley) or John Padwick know. We have created a group of Councillors to work with a small group of residents in affected streets to review the issues and propose what can be done to resolve them with the Highways Department”……………………………

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