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A high powered Group met on 21st January to review Geddington traffic problems highlighted in the article published a few weeks ago. Included were Jim Harker (Leader of Northamptonshire County Council, NCC), Chris Sparrow (Boughton Estates), Geddington Parish Councillors (PC) and a number of concerned residents. The following information is courtesy of those residents.

The major issues were seen as:

 1) Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) travelling through the village

2) Speed and

3) Inappropriate parking.

The Group noted that the Parish Council, at its January meeting, had agreed in advance the following:

* Yellow lines on the corner of Grange Road and the A43, this would make the junction safer.

* The extra yellow lines suggested for West Street, would not now be put in place but a hashed red painted zone designed to move traffic away from buildings should be introduced.

* Yellow lines would be placed on the corners of Wood Street and Grafton Road, this should help alleviate the school parking problem.

Ken Barber (Parish Council) has commented that these “measures were put forward during Jim Harker’s Village Walk some months ago.” understands that the Wood Street/Grafton Road proposal may not achieve its aim as double yellow lines allow for loading and unloading, normally goods, but people would qualify in this respect. 

The Group discussed a number of additional options:

* A one way system involving West Street, Wood Street and Queen Eleanor Road which, after discussion, was seen as impracticable.

* The possibility of Boughton Estates building a road from the A43 that would mean that the village could be bypassed by HGVs. This would however require a feasibility study between Northamptonshire County Council, Kettering Borough Council and Boughton Estates as housing implications would result.

* The Group felt that the ‘20 is Plenty Campaign’ (MPH limit) had merit for environmental reasons, but more importantly, if operated within the weight limit area (see below), safety would be increased considerably. NCC officers would investigate this further.

Practical and more immediate measures were seen as being:

* Bollards erected on the grassed area on West Street to prevent traffic mounting the pavement.

* 7.5T Weight Limit to be extended to include all of West Street, Queen Street, Queen Eleanor Road and the village sections of Grafton and Grange Roads.

Ken Barber (Parish Council) further commented that “two measures were put forward which will need Parish Council approval, while in the meantime NCC are preparing for these to undergo consultation.” (This involves seeking Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) for each measure; a consultation period for interested parties to consider the proposals and object if appropriate. The whole process could take a minimum of 6 months.)

Ken has promised more details following the February Parish Council meeting, when we’ll report further on activity by the School on village traffic concerns and Queen Street traffic issues. Robert Wootton has told that the results of a late 2012 consultation exercise suggested that “those who want to park vehicles close to their homes tend to see different issues to those who want to travel freely”.

If you have any views or comments on the traffic issues please send them to

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