Nigel Farage, Leader of UKIP Party visits Geddington

The leader of the UK Independence Party, visits Geddington on his tour through the county.

Nigel Farage on steps of Eleanor CrossNigel Farage said ” UKIP stands for bringing power back where it belongs – with the people. We believe that local councils should be more directly responsive to local people and less in thrall to central government. Today, local communities are under attack. The Government is taking money away from local Councils, but continuing to give more and more away to the EU.”

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UKIP Leader plus party in Geddington



UKIP visit 10-4-13


UKIP battlebus






    1. Jonathan Bullock - UKIP candidate for County Council

      Sat 13th Apr 2013 at 9:38 am

      I was delighted that Nigel Farage came to support my campaign. It was wonderful to see so many villagers turn out to see him and listen to his speech. He certainly enjoyed seeing our lovely village and meeting local people.

    2. Jim Harker, Conservative candidate for County Council

      Sat 13th Apr 2013 at 1:50 pm

      Mr Farage spoke of the problems created by our membership of the E U, and of the effects of immigration. These are issues that many of us are worrying about , but the election on May 2nd is for the County Council and unfortunately the Council, whilst it is affected by them, can do nothing to change national policy about them.

      The County Council issues are around value for money, especially in this challenging economic time. We have the lowest County Council Tax in the country in Northamptonshire, and save millions by sharing our back office costs with Cambridgeshire and other local authorities. We have had zero council tax increases for the last three years.

      We have put a lot of investment into creating and protecting jobs, because a prosperous local economy is vital for protecting the services we provide. Our one man “office” in Brussels costs only £140000 a year and has already brought in over £2million to the county’s economy in extra grants, with £12million in the pipeline, and is a valuable resource for Northamptonshire businesses.

      Most of all, however, our job at County Hall is to provide services and protect the truly vulnerable people in our society, especially the young and the elderly, and the people that I represent in my Ise division. Low taxes, a prosperous local economy, and good quality local services. These are my priorities and no-where did I hear Mr Farage mention any of those today. None-the-less, those are the issues that we will be voting about on 2nd of May.

    3. Jehad Soliman

      Sat 13th Apr 2013 at 3:41 pm

      I agree with Jonathan but Some people have a hearing problem to listen to Mr Farage common sence


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