A43 Corby Link Road Closures & Diversions

Geddington.net has been given advanced notice of road closures and diversions, due to the building of the A43 Corby Link Road between Barford Bridge and the Stanion roundabout.

The first closure,
which commences on 30th August, for up to 8 nights (20.00hrs to 6.00hrs), is being done to construct the new roundabout layout on the A43 at Stanion and will be in two phases of four nights each.The first phase will include the closure of the A43 from the A43/A6116 (Brigstock Road) junction to the A6086 (Geddington Road) junction for four nights. This will be followed by the second phase, a further four nights, for the southern section from the A43/A6116 (Brigstock Road), for a distance of 350m.
See Map TTRO(13/14 108 A43 Stamford Road, Stanion.
The red line is the closure; the blue line shows the diversion.

A43 Stanion

A43 Stamford Road, Stanion

Final works on this roundabout will require a further closure of two days and is currently scheduled for 28th September. As with the first phase, the closure will initially be the northern section for the first day, with the southern section closed for the second day. Whilst the sections are closed, the access from the A6116 will be open at all times.

The second closure,
which commences on
5th October, is to be a two day closure on the A6003 Rockingham Road between the A6014 (Oakley Road) and A43 roundabouts to allow for the carriageway to be resurfaced. This work is due to commence on 5th October with a one day closure of the northbound carriageway, followed by another one day closure of the southbound carriageway.
See Map TTRO(13/14) 109 – A6003 Rockingham Road, Rushton.
The red line is the closure; the blue line shows the diversion.

A6003 Rockingham Road

A6003 Rockingham Road, Rushton

While it may seem early to post this information, it is surprising how time flies and it may well be of help to those who need to plan ahead. We will, of course, post this information again, nearer the time. In the meantime, if you require more information about the works to be undertaken, please contact Craig Butterfield 0n 01773 547500.

Information sent by Gary Thorp, Regulations Senior Officer, Northamptonshire County Council Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, Room 224, County Hall, George Row, Northampton NN1 1AS. Tel: 01604 364359. Email: gthorp@northamptonshire.gov.uk

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