A show for the village!

This Saturday saw the quintessentially English Geddington Village show. Sadly the weather forecast had been poor, but the afternoon was at least dry and David Milner (Show Chairman) said that attendance had been reasonable in all the circumstances.


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I asked him whether it had been a good year for garden produce and he commented that “in many ways it had, but this year the show fell between crops, soft fruits which had cropped well this year were over, but tomatoes weren’t quite ready”.

130818_Village Show07

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The range of cakes, scones, jams, marmalades and general crafts was impressive along with the talent and effort on show. Those attending clearly enjoyed viewing the produce entered by a large cross section of our community.
Later in the afternoon, when the awards had been made, the produce donatedby the exhibitors was auctioned to raise funds for the Gardening Club.130818_Village Show04


Prize winners were:


1 THE PHILIP KNIGHT CUP. For the exhibitor gaining the highest number of points in Divisions A, B and C (Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit). – Peter Spence

2 THE QUEEN ELEANOR TROPHY. For the exhibitor gaining the highest number of points in Divisions D, E and F (Flower Arranging, Cookery & Preserves and Handicraft).
Val Bellamy

130818_Village Show05

3 THE SCOTT TROPHY. For the exhibitor with the highest number of points in Division A (Flowers). – Val Barber

4 THE GEDDINGTON GARDENING CLUB TROPHY. For the Club member gaining the highest number of points in the Show – Joint: Peter Spence & Esther Gordon

5 THE GUDYER TROPHY. For the best Club member’s exhibit in Divisions A, B and C (Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit). – Norman Nibbs

6 THE SLATER CUP. For the best Club member’s exhibit in Division E (Cookery & Preserves). – Victoria Barber

7 A SPECIAL PRIZE. May be given for the best exhibit in the classes for Children & Young People. However, this year there  were two prizes awarded – a) Best Exhibit – Erin Barnett  b) Most points – Noah Johnson

To the winner of the largest amount of points in the whole of the horticultural classes (Divisions A, B and C: 1st – 3points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 1 point, only if the corresponding certificates are awarded  Note: the winners of this Medal in 2011 and 2012 are not eligible in 2013. – Peter Spence

9 THE SALLABANKS AWARD. For the Best Exhibit in Division B (Vegetables). – Bryan Toseland

10 THE DAVID STANION TROPHY. For the most points in Classes 17-20 (Onions & Shallots). – Jim Harker


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