A43 Corby Link Road Closures & Diversions

One door opens . . .

English Longhorns  + Viaduct

English Longhorns

Our image of the railway viaduct crossing over the Lt Oakley/Gt Oakley Road shows the English Longhorn cattle grazing, apparently contentedly, alongside the construction of the new Kettering/Corby Link Road.

Further south on the road construction, the new roundabout, at the junction with Newton Road from Geddington, is now in operation.

A6003 R-Bout - 1

From the left – the new roundabout, Barford Bridge and Storefield Cottages (just)

Our image shows the proximity of the Storefield Cottages, adjacent to Barford Bridge (also shown), to the new roundabout. Access from Newton Road is possible, via a new section of road onto the roundabout. The section of Newton Road from the A6003 to the Camgrain access will be used as work access for construction traffic.

A6003 R-Bout - 2

A6003 new roundabout at junction with Newton Road

Access to and from Grange Road, Geddington, will be left in and left out, with no right turns across the Grange Road junction. All traffic management on the A6003 will remain in place during the August Bank Holiday, but it is anticipated that the Grange Road access arrangement will continue after completion of the road.

. . .  and another closes.

Lt Oakley Rd - 2

Road from Little Oakley to Great Oakley

Lt Oakley Rd -1

Little Oakley boundary

Lt Oakley Rd - 3

Newton to Little Oakley road

Users of the road through Little Oakley to Great Oakley will be aware that it will be closed from 19 August for six months, necessitating a detour via Corby or via Newton Road, for those travelling from Geddington.

The sign showing Geddington 2 miles, is for the Newton to Little Oakley Road which is still closed, see next image, and the sign still shows that it should open in October.

Northamptonshire County Council anticipate that the Link Road will be completed in the spring of 2014.

Camgrain continues to grow.

Our images show views of the enormous grain store, Camgrain, from the Little Oakley Road and from Newton Road.

Grain store - Lt Oakley rd

View of Camgrain from Little Oakley Road

Grain store - 2

View of Camgrain from Newton Road

To get a better idea of the size, note the workmen, in yellow jackets, on the silver structure at the centre of the photo to the right.

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    1. Ms Christi M Seyd Brown

      Tue 17th Sep 2013 at 10:57 am

      I am amazed to hear Mr Tony Ball , Project Manager,asking for ‘people to behave a little bit better’ regarding the A43/ Corby traffic chaos. On Monday 9th Sept I waited from 9.40 am to 10.40 am on a cul-de-sac off said roundabout. This was the only indicated exit for those of us trying to travel Northwards towards Stanford on the A43. We were directed down this Euro Hub route as the official yellow diversion. Imagine our delight when we all realised it led only to businesses and there was no road our. Perhaps Mr Ball would like to know what the tax-paying public were saying about his diversion as we queued back down the road we’d been sent down half-an hour before. (There was a district nurse desperate to get to her clients behind me).No, Mr Ball-you are the one who needed to
      behave much better and do your job properly! is there a penalty clause in your contract- I hope the authorities penalise your company for misinformation and poor planning.


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