Postscript to the new road closures

AN  UPDATE has just been advised that:

“Work on the completion of the new road bridge and the re-alignment of the existing Little Oakley to Great Oakley road will take 2 days longer than expected.

As such the road between Great Oakley and Little Oakley won’t be fully open until the early hours of Sunday, 16th March 2014 and not early on Friday as first stated.”

This will mean that:

“The unclassified road between Newton Road and Mill Hill, Great Oakley will now be closed on the morning of Sunday 16th March 2014.”

The knock-on effect means that:

“The section of Newton Road between the Newton T Junction and A6003 Barford Bridge roundabout will subsequently be closed on Friday 28th March 2014 and will be fully re-opened on Saturday 12th April 2014.”

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