Surface Dressing on Roads

‘Working to ensure road surfaces last longer.’

Northamptonshire Highways have advised that it is now the season for surface dressing of roads.  This is undertaken as part of their on-going, low-cost annual maintenance programme.

Communications Manager, Ms Miller comments: “Our surface dressing season runs from early April to the end of May and is very specific, due to road temperatures, as it cannot be carried out in cold or wet weather.  Bitumen and chippings provide added protection to the road surface and are used to restore skidding resistance and seal the road against surface water.”

Advance notice will be given where and when the resurfacing will be done, but Highways also asks that people assist them by moving vehicles before work is started, as this will prevent them from being damaged and help to complete the job.

Whilst the streets of Geddington seldom have this work done, surrounding roads leading into the village do, so the usual 20mph speed, and special care, is needed when travelling over them.

Further information can be obtained from:
Communications Manager, Northamptonshire Highways
Brioxworth Depot, Harborough Road, Northampton NN6 9BX


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