Grafton Road – temporary disruption

Monday 21 July

Grafton Road is suffering a temporary disruption tonight as Western Power Distribution attempts a repair to a ‘blown cable’, that has taken power from some of the Grafton Road residences.

A representative from Western Power said: “We are not certain how long this will take, it all depends on what we find when we dig the hole!”

Wednesday 23 July

The work continues through to a third day, or perhaps night would be the better description, as residents on Grafton Road heard the diggers and grabbers at work in the early hours (3am) of this morning.

21.00hrs Tuesday 23rd July

Tuesday 23rd July

There is a 3-way traffic control affecting Grafton Road, Wood Street and Priory Court.

3-Way traffic control, Grafton Road

3-Way traffic control, Grafton Road

Western Power Distribution is the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South Wales and the South West.

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