West Street Works – Part 2

 Geddington.net now has more information
about the closure of West Street.

The works will be in place for up to five days starting on Monday 23rd February. However the good news is that the closure is planned to take place between the hours of 9.15am and 3pm.

This is to ensure that as little disruption as possible is caused to the parents dropping off and collecting their children from the Wood Street school, colloquially known as ‘The School Run’.

From my experience, parents come much earlier than 3pm, so for those who live outside the village, the accompanying map (click on the link: West Street, Geddington below) shows the diversion route.  For those residents of the village, the diversion is obvious and already well used when the village centre is being used for events!

West Street, Geddington

Northamptonshire Highways spokesperson continued:

“In the unlikely event that the works over-run on any day (due to plant issues or late tarmac delivery) we will aim to provide access where possible to those who need it.”

Do please be aware that weather conditions
may also affect the works and the timing.

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