Good Afternoon, Geddington !

We really shouldn’t have been surprised by the interest in the Archive section, after all the Exhibition brought many more people, and lots of interesting items, than we had anticipated.

But surprised we have been. Like many sites, we have a counter which shows how many people log on to The most ‘hits’ we’ve had since last March, when the site was renovated, was a little over 1000, and that was after the Great Garage Sale in May 2014.

So you can imagine our surprise when we saw on Tuesday night, two days after opening the Archive, we’d had:
Over 3300 hits!  Wow!

We are also able to see which posts attract the most attention. In the last two days, the Archive came out top, of course, but a great many people have been looking at WWI, WWII and the Roll of Honour. Thanks have been given to our friends and families for their help over the past few months, but perhaps we should give particular thanks to Thom Poole, whose research and work in these areas resulted in such detailed information on the men, their service records and, in many cases, the cemeteries in which they are interred.

Photographs of the servicemen from WWI were obtained from the late Peter Rowney’s photo albums, and we were extremely grateful that we were able to borrow them.

We promised that more items would be put on the Archive, and we will, but like any job involving numbers of items, it takes almost as much effort to do one, as it does to do several at the same time. So the new items won’t be put on in dribs and drabs, which might be difficult to see, but in tranches. And we’ll try to make it plain when this occurs.

In the meantime, many thanks for your interest – and keep those comments coming!

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