The No 8 Bus – more initiative.

Further to our post on 21st February, about the No 8 bus – the one that Geddington might lose in July – Liz Ramsey, who is a member of the Let’s Gedd Going Transport Group, has offered village residents the chance to meet and discuss other means of transport, should it become necessary.

Options include, for instance, taxi- and car-sharing at regular and irregular times. By getting together and talking these options through, it is surprising how many other, new ideas can crop up.

So for those that do use the bus, and for those who might well want to use it in the future (there comes a point in every driver’s life when giving up the car is necessary), please give some thought to this idea of a meeting and, perhaps, come with new ideas.

Early April is the suggested month and Liz is asking those interested to contact her on:

Tel: 07810 832828

UPDATE: Liz has just let us know that the meeting will take place on Monday 1st April at 7pm. Please contact her for further details, such as the venue, etc.





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    1. Norman.johnson

      Tue 12th Mar 2019 at 11:30 am

      Let me know what date and will try to get there


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