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Samuel Lee Charity Trustee

When the Charity was setup in 1723, fifteen years after Samuel Lee’s death, there were only two Executors of the Will left from the original five, these were to become the Charity Trustees. These two men chose 3 others and the five of them continued the work of the Charity, looking after the land left in the Will.  Over the years, deaths meant changes in their names, but it wasn’t until 1827 that the numbers were increased to seven.

Two changes occurred in the 19th century, both of which affected charities. First in 1853, the Charity Commission was set up to have oversight of all charities in England & Wales.  And then, in 1894, the Local Government Act was passed, which created Parish Councils and gave them powers to appoint representatives to local charities. In 1905 and prompted by the Charity Commission, the Trustees applied for a Scheme setting out the Constitution as we know it today.  The Scheme provided that there should still be seven Trustees, but, in a major change, three of them would be appointed by the Parish Council for 4-year terms and four were to be cooptative (not co-opted, that’s quite a different matter) Trustees, nominated for 5-year terms.

Since then, the Parish Council representatives have always been Parish Councillors, although that wasn’t strictly necessary. 2017 saw the first representative Trustee that wasn’t a Parish Councillor, followed speedily by a second and in 2018, by a third.

Now, one of those representatives has had to resign their Trusteeship, leaving the Charity one short. The Parish Council is also several Councillors short of the required number, giving them all extra duties, which puts us in the most unusual position of advertising for a Trustee.  Fund-raising is a necessary activity, as is looking after the finances, plus a general knowledge of, and interest in, the village: all would be useful attributes for a future Trustee. Meetings are few, but very sociable and the satisfaction in helping those in need cannot be understated.

If you think you can be a useful Trustee, please contact any of the Trustees listed below, or the secretary.

Dates for the Diary:
14 December  Christmas Distribution, to all those in Geddington and Newton, who have let us know that they are over 75, a bag of ‘goodies’ will be coming your way from 10am.
23 December  “Breakfast with Santa” in the Village Hall, more details later on Facebook and www.geddington.net.

And finally, whilst the Charity’s resources are not great, a little help can make all the difference at a critical moment. If you think we could help you, or if you know someone who might need our help, please contact the secretary, on 742292 or speak to one of the other Trustees listed below. And please be assured that any request is kept entirely confidential and the Trustees do not engage in means testing.

Nick Batchelor, 1 West Street (Chairman)
Claire Buckseall, 7 Chase View Road
Jim Harker, Lyons Yard, Wood Street
Paul Hopkins, 9 Grafton Road (Treasurer)
Rachel Newell, 21 New Road
Tony Slough, 2 Chase Farm
Pam Hopkins, Secretary, 9 Grafton Road, Geddington
Tel: 742292, email: pamhopkins747@btinternet.com

The stone tomb of Samuel Lee

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