The Women of Geddington

Following on from International Women’s Day on 7th March, Geddington WI took a look at the lives of women living in the village in the twentieth century. Much of their history is lost because their roles were often hidden behind those of the menfolk.

In this mini series we try to draw the women, their hardworking lives, their independence and their bravery into the limelight a little more and in this way acknowledge their contribution to the life of the village.

We hope you enjoy the stories we tell. They are part factual, based on information in public documents, but there is also some anecdotal content. As always, please let us know if there are any errors or omissions.

Ann Saddington, lacemaker, outside her cottage in Queen Street c.1910

Her story is the first in the series and will appear in the next few days.

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