Can you help? has been sent a couple of photos with a query.

The first photo was probably taken at a Christmas party with the US Airmen from Grafton Underwood. They all have presents with them and there is a Christmas Tree behind them.
Our correspondent is keen to know who the children are. If you know, please contact us via the email address:

The second photo, below, was taken at The Priory. From left to right are Miss Brookes, Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Ambery and Mrs Brown. The query here is: who is the lady is on the right?

Again, if you can help. please contact us via the email:
Thank you.

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    1. Dave Valentine.

      Thu 05th Nov 2020 at 11:25 pm

      Top photo. 3rd from right Im certain is Ann Paton & 4th is Mavis Cook. Carl Buckland should be able to tell you if he is on here.


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