Gardening can be done any time of the year, but it has to be said that the sub-zero temperatures of last week did not encourage even the keenest of gardeners outdoors.

But now the early signs of spring are showing, the garden is more welcoming.

To this end, Grafton Road gardener, Teresa Evans, offers all gardeners, and allotmenteers, the opportunity of having some wood chips. Used as a mulch the chips will help to prevent weed growth.

Teresa offers the following:
“I have a large load of tree chippings outside my house and much of it I have used, but by no means all. So I’d like to offer it to the allotment people and gardeners in Geddington. It’s available at 19 Grafton Road, under a blue tarpaulin on the road, please help yourself.”

If you would prefer to contact Teresa, to arrange a time to collect for instance, her mobile number is 07792 292 936.

19 Grafton Road can be found next to the allotments

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