Your Parish Council 2021

Following the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Monday 17th May,
the following residents are the Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council for 2021.

~ ~ ~

Nick Batchelor, Chairman
Peter Goode, Vice-Chairman

and in alphabetical order:

Terry Bailey, Little Oakley Councillor
Claire Buckseall
Paul Johnson
David Lomasney, Newton Councillor
John Padwick
Mark Rowley, NNC Councillor

In his report, the Chairman thanked all councillors for their work over the past four years. In particular, he thanked David Watson, who had represented Newton for the last 25 years and David Rushton, who had been responsible for the Council’s IT & Media, both of whom retired this year.

The Chairman then welcomed Paul Johnson, who took on several Council responsibilities and David Lomasney, who now represents Newton. In due course, images of both Councillors will appear on the Parish Council’s page.

The Council’s page also gives contact details for each Councillor as well as those for the very hard-working Parish Clerk, Anita Curtis.

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