A Samuel Lee Trustee

This Geddington based Charity was founded in 1717 as a result of a legacy in the Will of Samuel Lee, a Ranger to the Duke of Buccleuch. His Tombstone can be seen in Geddington Churchyard.

In a general overview the aim of the Charity is “relieving persons resident in the Parishes of Geddington and Newton who are in conditions of need.” There is also the Christmas distribution of bags of food for residents of seventy-five years old or over, who request them.

The make-up of the Trustees has changed very little over the years. There are a total of seven, four are Co-opted and serve a minimum of five years, and three are Nominated by the Geddington Parish Council, and serve for four years. The nominated Trustees need not be Parish Councillors. The Trustees usually meet three or four times a year.

The turnover of Trustees is thankfully low, but age and circumstances dictate that we would always listen to anyone from Geddington or Newton who would either now, or in the future, like to be involved, whether it be as a Co-opted or Nominated Trustee.

In the first instance, would you contact Mrs Pam Hopkins, secretary of the Samuel Lee Charity, who will explain what is required and submit your interest to the Trustees.

9 Grafton Road, Geddington NN14 1AJ
Tel: 742292
Email: pamhopkins747@btinternet.com

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