Road Closure: February – March 2023

Kettering Road and New Road
will be subject to road closure
Monday 17 February to Friday 3 March.

Resurfacing, road markings and gully cleansing will take place on these roads, from the crossroads *** (see last paragraph) at Grange Road, to the Anglian Water plant south of the village.

At present North Northamptonshire Council have not published an alternative route map to avoid these workings, although they say that the busiest hours will be avoided, so works will take place from approximately 9.30am to 3.30pm.

The four alternate roads out of the village are therefore:
Grafton Road
Newton Road
Grange Road ***
and, of course, north towards Corby on Stamford Road (A4300).

The North Northamptonshire Council’s website also says:
Friday March 10 for 6 days.
However, it is unusual for works to run over a weekend, especially without giving an end date. So perhaps take this with a ‘pinch of salt’ until told otherwise by NNC.

The works have now been extended to start at Newton Road. Exit from Geddington will be by the A4300, Newton Road and Grafton Road. Residents on Grange Road will have to drive west along Grange Road to the A43, but vehicles on that road are driven very fast, so it’s a very dangerous exit on to it.


    1. Brenda McCraith

      Tue 14th Feb 2023 at 5:28 pm

      Useful info, thanks!

      • Pam

        Tue 14th Feb 2023 at 5:35 pm

        You’re welcome. Now waiting for Grafton Road & West Street roads being closed while they fill in the potholes. However, will they do this in my lifetime?


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