A Vacancy Occurs . . . at the Website

Geddington.net needs a new editor, as the current incumbent, Pam Hopkins, is retiring at the end of June, after 23 years involvement with the village website – www.geddington.net.

Geddington.net was started in the year 2000, with a committee comprising of David Watson, Andrew Watson, John Padwick, John Cole, Andy Brown and Pam Hopkins. An article and request for interested parties was included in that year’s summer issue of The Newsletter and enough interest from individuals, as well as village organisations, was received for the project to go-ahead. Its aim was to provide a site that would be useful and informative for the village and an interesting one for people who wished to visit the village.

There were many teething problems and the original website was eventually removed and a new one took its place in 2003, at which point the resourceful Janet Jones came along and took her place as treasurer with Charlie, John C and John P, Tony Locock and Pam.

Over time, people came and went, but in 2013 the site was refreshed and relaunched, and now known as the Geddington Community Website, it produced a Constitution, which is as relevant today as it was 10 years ago. It also acquired a Taskmaster in the form of Jack Harker, and it wasn’t coincidence that that year saw the website win the prestigious ‘Award of Excellence’ from Northamptonshire ACRE, for the Best Community Website Northamptonshire.  An Archive of village history was also added – popular pages from the get-go!

Fast forward ten years and the website needs:

An editor with new ideas
An editor with up-to-date IT knowledge
A refresh and
A re-launch and

An Editor !

Are we looking at you?

Have you got the skills, time and enthusiasm to continue this valuable asset to village knowledge?

If so, contact Jack at: jharker@octagoncreative.co.uk
Janet at: gedd-net@gmail.com
Pam at: gedd-net@gmail.com or pamhopkins747@btinternet.com

PS If anyone would like to research the building/history of this website, I have all the documents and the hundreds of emails that were sent between all the parties involved since June 2000. Pam Hopkins

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