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Scout Post 2022

Geddington’s Scout Post Box can be found in Cafe Oak, Queen Street.

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Once again, the Knitting Club has stood up for Remembrance in Geddington village.

Last year, we were celebrating the Royal British Legion’s 100th anniversary by erecting a poppy arch over the entrance to the churchyard, plus poppy hangings in the church: we also wrapped a length of crochet and knitted poppies around the War Memorial in the churchyard.

This year, the club has done a similar, but slightly different display. The arch has a different colour in its look, but still remains impressive, despite surviving a couple of months in last November and December’s weather. Do visit the church, it’s open during the week as well as the usual Sunday times, the hangings are obvious and splendid and can be seen in the images below.

One new item is the wreath displayed in front of the Jubilee Celebration stone on the village green. As can be seen, it says In Memoriam, so, is it for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or for the fallen from two world wars and other conflicts? It’s a decision only you can make.

A display open to all residents and visitors

History & Heritage Society

An idea for a new Geddington Society has been proposed.

Jane Rowley comments: “In February we held a village conference where we discussed forming a Geddington Local History & Heritage Society.

To this effect, we have arranged a weekend on Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th November at Geddington School, to sort through a large number of village documents, photos etc, with the thought to then form a society, which would meet on a regular basis for further study, talks etc.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email:
Jim Harker – or
John Bennett –

We look forward to seeing you in the school, where we’ll start at 10am on the Saturday.”

Garage Sale Postponed

The Great Geddington Garage Sale, which had been cancelled due to the death of HM Queen, will now take place on Saturday 24th September.

Garage Sale Postponed

The Great Geddington Garage Sale has been postponed in view of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth ll.

The Great Geddington Garage Sale 2022

The Parish Council is meeting this month


August is a month that the Parish Council does not always meet, however this year is different.


The Council is holding a meeting on
Monday 8 August, 7.30pm,
Village Hall Lounge

All are welcome, bring your
questions, views, hopes and complaints.

Post Office at Cafe Oak

Change of email address

The website’s

email address

has changed

and is now:

Do not use,
because your email will not reach our inbox.

Whilst a few emails have got through, if you have sent an email to in the past 6 months, and haven’t had a reply, then you can be sure that it has not been received. So if it was important, please resend it.
Thank you.

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