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Parish Council Extra Meeting 25 March

Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council

An extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council
will be held on
Thursday 25th March 2021 at 7.30 pm

The meeting will be held as a virtual meeting because of the
Coronavirus lockdown requirements.
Anita Curtis, Parish Clerk.

The meeting can be viewed on YouTube at –

If you wish to raise concerns or ask questions at the meeting within the public session, please email the address at the bottom of the agenda or contact one of the councillors so you can be given the joining instructions.

1. Apologies and Declarations of Interest.
2. Public session.
3. Planning applications for consideration.
Mr A Foulke 1 Grafton Road, Geddington, NN14 1AJ
Queen Eleanor & Buccleuch Vehicular access and hardstanding including installation of two field gates within the Wood Street boundary wall to provide vehicular hardstanding for No. 1 Grafton Road and vehicular hardstanding and allotment garden area for No. 12 West Street
Expiry date for comments to KBC 5 April 2021
4. AOB.

Anita Curtis – Parish Clerk.

A Little Nostalgia

Thanks to Steve Bell and Stuart Lineham, we have been able to bring a little nostalgia to our pages.

Football teams – village style – from the 1960s, so many familiar names.

The 1963-64 and the 1964-65 Geddington School Football Teams
The 1965-66 and 1966-67 Geddington School Football Teams

And talking of nostalgia, here are some slightly unfamiliar views – Wood Street, without the ‘add-on’ of Bright Trees Road and no apple tree on the corner of Chase View Road.
In these pictures, the name ‘Chase View’ has a real meaning.

Steve Bell, Arthur Bell and his friend, Keith Simpkins, and their trollies

If you have been loft-clearing during lockdown, and have come across any photos of old Geddington, we’d be delighted to see them.
I know from my years on The Newsletter team, that stories and photos of Geddington’s history always attracted a lot of attention as a popular and entertaining topic and our experience on the website, hasn’t changed that view.


Gardening can be done any time of the year, but it has to be said that the sub-zero temperatures of last week did not encourage even the keenest of gardeners outdoors.

But now the early signs of spring are showing, the garden is more welcoming.

To this end, Grafton Road gardener, Teresa Evans, offers all gardeners, and allotmenteers, the opportunity of having some wood chips. Used as a mulch the chips will help to prevent weed growth.

Teresa offers the following:
“I have a large load of tree chippings outside my house and much of it I have used, but by no means all. So I’d like to offer it to the allotment people and gardeners in Geddington. It’s available at 19 Grafton Road, under a blue tarpaulin on the road, please help yourself.”

If you would prefer to contact Teresa, to arrange a time to collect for instance, her mobile number is 07792 292 936.

19 Grafton Road can be found next to the allotments

Knitting Club – a result!

The funds raised by the Knitting Club’s Christmas Tree Decorations was sent to the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity, which has now kindly sent a receipt.

To everyone at Geddington Knitting Group

We really appreciate your support
Thank you for your very kind donation of £250.00 to Macmillan Cancer Support from sales of handmade Christmas Tree decorations made by Club members. Your generosity and support will allow us to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support.

How you are helping
At Macmillan, we understand that cancer can impact a person’s whole life – health, money, family, work; everything. We can help people with managing symptoms and offer advice and benefits for things like keeping the cost of heating down during treatment. We can also provide training for employers to support people back to work. With your support, people get the energy and inspiration to feel more like themselves.  

Thank you again for choosing to support Macmillan. Without people like you in our team, we simply couldn’t do what we do.

With best wishes,
Jigna Radia
Supporter Donations Team
Tel: 0300 1000 200

(This email constitutes an official receipt) | Tweet@macmillancancer |  facebook/macmillancancer

Snow fall – 1978 style

Every snow fall can bring back memories of previous winters.

Here is how the Evening Telegraph covered the spring snow fall of April 1978.

Road Closure Reminder


25 January



The A4300 between Grange Road

and the

Newton Road/West Street crossroads.

Road Closure coming soon!

Anyone who has driven along the A4300 through Geddington in the past few months, knows the appalling state of that part of the road between the Newton crossroads (junction of Newton Road, West Street and A4300) and the junction with Queen Street/Grange Road.


The good news is that repairs have been planned to deal with this situation.
The bad news is that the road will be closed whilst the works are being carried out.

The A4300 will be closed from:
25th January to 27th January
between 8am – 4pm

Those who were living in Geddington on Saturday 14th December 2019, will remember the chaos when the diversion signs sent all vehicles through the village centre, via Queen Street and West Street. The diversion route for the 2021 works is shown above in Royal Blue. We can but hope that vehicles that normally use the A4300 to get from Kettering to Stanion/Corby and vice versa, will note the closure signs and this diversion.

And just to add to the disturbance,
there are plans for more roadworks in
Bright Trees Road from
25th January – 29th January.

Welcome to 2021

2020 – 2021

A Carol whose title we wish for our world

Joy to the World

This popular Carol has words written by Isaac Watts (1674-1748) who was an English Christian minister hymn writer, theologian, and logician. He was a prolific and popular hymn writer and is credited with some 750 hymns. He is recognized as the “Godfather of English Hymnody”; many of his hymns remain in use today and have been translated into numerous languages.

Here, at, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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