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Parish Clerk Vacancy for Geddington Parish Council

Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council

have announced a

Vacancy for a Parish Clerk


Duties include:
– Attending and recording monthly meetings
– Administration of Council records
– Maintaining financial records

However, for full details, including salary and hours, click on the ‘Parish Clerk Vacancy’ below

Applications should be made to:

Mark Rowley
14 Grange Road
Nn14 1AL

Parish Clark vacancy


Flood Awareness Road Show this week!

Northamptonshire County Council

Flood Awareness Road Show

This coming Wednesday
25th June
2.45pm – 4.45pm

Are you prepared for being flooded? Is your property at risk from flooding? Do you know how to protect your home and local community from flooding? Do you know how flood risk is managed locally?

Come and talk to us and find out more!

Come and see community flood maps, find out about the potential for a free community flood store and rain gauge, and look at flood protection products to see how you can protect your home!

For further information visit

Summer Photographic Competition

THE (Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley) NEWSLETTER
is holding a

Summer Photographic Competition

The theme is



For more competition details, see the spring issue of The Newsletter
or click on the poster below.


Entries can be emailed to the editor at:

Posted to: The Newsletter Chairman, 39 Wood Street, Geddington NN14 1BG

Taken to Geddington Post Office, Queen Street

And don’t forget to add your name and contact details

The deadline is 30th June


Newsletter photo comp. poster

A Pimms & Pudding AGM for Friends of the Church

The Friends of St Mary Magdalene held an unusual Annual General Meeting in June, starting with its title – A Pimms & Pudding Evening.  Secretary, Linda Saunders, sent a report on the event.

After a well supported AGM  – thank you – we have set a target this year of £5000. Our continued aim is to enhance the facilities in our beautiful church. Current plans include:

– Replacing a boiler for a gas model
–  Completing the screen to provide an extra meeting room
–  And upgrading the audio-visual facilities – the Easter story showed how successfully this area could be developed.

Plenty of ideas were discussed at our first committee meeting this year and we welcome more. We’re encouraging more people to support the best building in the area, through a varied programme of events to be published in the next Newsletter.

Please support us on Sunday 28th September, for a Medieval walk and talk at our Mead & Medieval Munching, all for £5 per person. Meet at the Eleanor Cross at 3pm, and please register your interest for medieval shopping purposes to a committee member.

You can call David Lomasney (Chairman) on 741861, Sylvia Pitts (Treasurer) on 745350 or myself, Linda Saunders (Secretary) on 513280.”


Newton Road Closure

Northamptonshire Highways have advised us of the road closure of part of Newton Road, on which they will carry out carriageway repairs.

The road will be closed from:
just past the Mill Farm entrance to:
the Little Oakley turn-off
for up to 3 days between 8am and 5pm
and will commence on 
Wednesday 2nd July.

A plan is shown (click on it to enlarge) showing the location, and a diversion route.

If more information is required about the repairs, please contact Ben Wright on 01604 883400

Newton Rd closure

Traffic Management of the new A43 is always pleased to get ‘Comments’ about any of its postings – please keep them coming!

However, the new A43/Corby Link Road/Geddington By-pass postings have had more than their fair share of ‘Comments’, in fact we’ve almost had more for the new road postings, than all the other postings put together!

The concern in the ‘Comments’ centred on the amount of traffic still coming through the village, and what can be done to divert it onto the new road.

In our query to Cllr Jim Harker on this subject, he responded with the following:

“The County Council Highways department is looking at a number of options including road signage and road markings, and asking local haulage companies to encourage their drivers to use the link road.”

Comment from the Editor:
For those people expecting to see a massive and instant decrease in traffic, it has been a disappointing time. We can only hope that the options decided upon by the County Council Highways make a difference, and soon.

On a different note, it would be very interesting to see the results of traffic surveys in 3 month’s and 6 month’s time, and compare with them with the A43 Action Group’s survey results from the 1990s.



Flood Awareness Road Show

Northamptonshire County Council
is holding a

Flood Awareness Road Show

on Wednesday 25th June from 2.45 – 4.45pm
at Geddington Village Hall

 The NCC’s Floods & Water Department as well as the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign, are keen to highlight awareness of flood risk and what they can do to help the residents of Geddington.

The Fire & Rescue vehicle, which will contain the exhibition, will have:

Flood maps
Information on how to manage a local flood and
Free equipment to help manage the flood risk in Geddington
– and with Geddington’s history of floods, something, surely, to grasp with open hands!

It may seem odd to have this type of Show in the summertime, but as the Chief Executive of the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign and Chair of The Flood Protection Association, Mary Dhonau OBE, says, “Floods can happen anytime and anywhere. Having been flooded myself, I know only too well what an appalling experience it is. To watch as everything you have worked hard for is thrown into a skip is hard enough, but to lose precious sentimental items, is completely devastating. It is a little known fact that over half of the flood insurance claims from the floods of 2012, were from surface water flooding. Geddington is at risk of being flooded in this way and I’m sure many of you will remember past floods.”

(This can be born out by the residents of Bright Trees Road, for instance, as they couldn’t be farther away from the river in Geddington, if they tried and there were floods there in the 1990s,which resulted in the berm behind the houses on the north side.)

Mary continues: “So how would Geddington cope in an emergency? Does Geddington have the resources to hand to be able to act quickly? Would the drainage system of ditches, drains and watercourses in Geddington cope if we received month’s worth of rain in one day like in 1998?”

Mary is employed by the NCC to help promote the ‘Community Pathfinder Project’, Northamptonshire being only one of 13 other places in the country to have been selected by DEFRA for funding to deliver this project. This funding will provide Geddington with a community flood store, a rain gauge with associated warning system and the results of a community flood assessment.

Mary finishes with: “There’s much more, so do come, we’ll talk to you individually as well as a community – we look forward to seeing you there!”

For further information visit:

flood awareness - 3

How can you make a Difference?

How can you make a Difference?

By becoming an Organ Donor, that’s how!

Jeanette Humphries, Chair of Geddington’s Women’s Institute, asked if it would spare some web space to promote community awareness of this life-saving procedure.


In 1974, the National Committee of the Women ‘s Institute called for the creation of an organ donor register, which was finally set up in 1994. But twenty years on, there is still a shortage of organs and, as a result, 3 people die every day waiting for a transplant.

The Resolution before the W.I.’s National Annual Meeting later this month, calls on every member of the W.I. “to make their wishes regarding organ donation known, and to encourage their families and friends, and members of their local communities, to do likewise.”

Following the announcement of this Resolution earlier this year, each W.I. Group then had to discuss it and let the National Meeting know its result. Read more →

Highways & Byways – yet more

Surface Dressing

At the end of April, was advised that surface dressing would shortly take place across the county.

Surface dressing, according to Northamptonshire Highways, “is a low-cost annual maintenance programme, where bitumen and chippings provide added protection to the road surface and is used to restore skidding resistance and seal the road against surface water.”

The programme has now reached the roads surrounding Geddington. The sign below is situated on the A4300, near the Weekley roundabout, but there are others, so be warned!


Surface dressing


We’re still open!

We’re still open and ready for business!


These were the words from Trish and Pat, who run the Post Office and Teashop. Despite the partial closure, businesses and other venues are open and accessible and interested parties should not be put off by the, possibly, ambiguous signage.

Bridge Street signs

Bridge Street signs


This is the second time in as many months that Queen Street has had to be closed to through traffic. In April, it was a gas main being installed and in May it’s a wall being rebuilt. (For more details on the whys and wherefores of the rebuilding of the wall, see our News post of 5 March – Tree Fellers at it again!)


It should be made plain that Queen Street is only closed to THROUGH traffic and access to the Post Office, the Teashop, Askew’s Hairdressers, the Chapel, the Recreation Field, the Tennis Club, the Bowls Club, the Cricket ground and the Village Hall, are all accessible by vehicle via West Street and Bridge Street (and if you are a visitor to Geddington), either over the bridge or through the ford to Queen Street.


Pedestrian access is still available for most residents, as can be seen in this image of a dog walker using the footway past the construction barriers.


Usable footway


Supporting framework


However, given good weather, perhaps the work can be done in under the 10 weeks that’s advertised!


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