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Cafe Oak has a half term break

Cafe Oak will be closing for half termfor a well-deserved break.

. . . . . . . .


The Cafe will be closed from:

Monday 26th October

and will re-open on

Wednesday 4th November.

Fall Back – time to turn the clocks back

British Summer time ends this weekend. Time to turn the clocks back one hour on Saturday, to wake up to a slightly lighter morning light.

Here we go again . . .

Inside: 71F
Outside: 104.2F

For the younger readers, 104.2F is 40C.

That’s hot whichever system you use!
3.26pm on 15 September, 2020.

Road Closure warning

The road over the bridge and the road through the ford, will be closed from

Monday 17 August to Friday 4 September

for bridge repairs.

Wouldn’t it be good if this pothole was filled in at the same time?

Heading for the Coast?

It is unusual for to highlight any charity, other than village ones. However, this headline and poster, in their quarterly magazine, caught my attention. It seems very appropriate with the summer holidays fast approaching.

So I make no apologies for offering the advice that the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) gives, concerning safety at, and near, the sea.

Elderflower Cordial

This week, if you have the time and inclination, is the right time to make Elderflower Cordial. It’s a delicious refreshing drink for a hot day and it’s so easy to make.

The flowers on an Elderflower bush don’t last very long, so take advantage now – leave it too long and it will be too late for this year.

25 Elderflower heads (white flowers only, although the more you have, the stronger the flavour)
50gms of Citric Acid (helps cordial last longer)
3 pints Water, boiled and cooled
3lbs Sugar
2 Lemons, large, wax-free, rind and juice

Mix all together and leave for 2 days, stirring occasionally.
Strain and bottle.
This will be strong enough to dilute to drink.

The flowers on an Elderflower bush don’t last very long, so take advantage now, leave it two weeks and it will, most likely, be too late for this year.

Make sure you pick Elderflowers from a bush and not Cow Parsley from the road side. There’s plenty of both about at the moment.

May 2020

May is usually the month that sees the start of the summer activities in Geddington – the cricket field in tip top condition, the bowling green looking even greener and smoother, flowers being chosen and grown on for the flower festivals and, of course, at the start of all these, the school has chosen its May Queen and her attendants for the all important May Day Festival.

Well, there was no ‘May Day Festival’ this year, so we thought that we would have a look at some of the previous May Days and recall the pleasure that this custom has given to so many parents, grandparents and the children, by the school.

The well-known ritual of the May Day Celebrations with May Queen, Consort and attendants, as we now know them, first took place in 1951. It commenced the Festival of Britain celebrations in the village. The event started with a church service conducted by the Revd Brodie, with the church filled to capacity by children, parents and friends. After the service, the children lead the way, by horse and carriage (or cart?) to the playground, in what is now the garden of The Old School. Margaret Cooper was the first May Queen and was crowned by the vicar.

Every year since has seen the same or similar scenes played out, usually under blue skies, although in 1952 it obviously rained and shelter was taken under the entrance to Home Farm in Grafton Road. By 1954, the May Queen, her attendants and many of the parents, then changed direction and paraded down to the Eleanor Cross.

The Eleanor Cross, The Star Inn and the Church of St Mary Magdalene, have provided the perfect setting for this nearly 70 year-old custom.

Finally, after weeks of practising, the various dances were performed by all the children.

To view the list of May Queens, click on the link below:

THE NEWSLETTER -Summer issue no 156

As promised earlier, The Newsletter twins with the website, with the Summer Issue produced online.

Just click on the link and away you go with the ‘Flippin Book’ version.

30 May 2020 UPDATE
A message from The Newsletter editor, Justin Brice: The trial period for the Flipping Book website has now ended and is no longer viewable online.

Instead please click on the http link below (then the image), to read the summer issue of The Newsletter
click on the image in the box below the link.

Parish Council meetings in May

The two meetings normally held in May, the Annual Meeting and the usual Monthly Meeting are both being held on Monday 11th May (the Clerk apologises for the late alert).

However, this WORDPRESS system will not allow two meetings on the same day – so the Annual Meeting Agenda is dated 11th May and the Monthly Meeting is dated 12th May. Click on either of the Agenda links in the Parish Council page (in Quick Links above) and you will find both Agenda.

The Annual Meeting starts at 6.30pm and the Monthly Meeting starts immediately afterwards at 7.30pm. Both are VIRTUAL meetings and instructions to join, via ZOOM, are given at the top of each agenda.

V.E. Anniversary request

Are you in this photograph of a street party in Wood Street?

Or are you a descendant of one of these people celebrating VE Day in 1945?

If so, you may be interested in the following request that we have had in an email from Charlotte Simpson, from BBC News.
Charlotte says: Hi Pam – I’m from the BBC. Trying to track down any relatives of the people in this picture who might live on Wood Street still. Are you aware of any? We’d love to try and speak to them and other residents living there now about their plans this year – even though they’ll be socially distant.
If you would like to contact Charlotte Simpson, her email address is:

The names of many of the people in the picture are as follows, but as the editors of The Newsletter said at the time of publishing it: “We don’t guarantee accuracy, but the following may be among those that were there.

John Abrahams; the late Mrs Banwell, Mrs Bateman & Mrs Berridge; Barbara & Sheila Bishop; June, Frieda & Michael Blanchard; Anne Brooks; the late Mrs Brown; John Bumpus (reputed to be the last evacuee in Northamptonshire to return home); Mrs E Chamberlain, Loris, Susan and Brenis, and the late Olive Chamberlain; Mrs E Chamberlain; Mrs E Chapman; the late Mrs Clipstone, Mavis & Jean Clipstone; R Coleman; Mrs Daisy Coles and Sylvia (now Proctor); Michael Coombs (evacuee); the late Mrs Cooper, David (Chick) & June (now Flecknor); Mrs L Crick, Barbara & Iris; Jill Dart; the Late Mrs Freeman; Mrs B Howes & Betty (now Toseland); Mrs Daisy Hyde & Colin; the late Mrs Johnson & Chris Johnson; Mrs E Julyans; Terry & Vincent Kirkman (evacuees); the late Tommy Lane; David Marlow; Mrs Iris Masterton & Rachel; Mrs Doll Moreton & Donald (evacuees); Mrs Perkins; Mrs Nancy Rowney & Peter (in high chair); Margaret Rich (now Pearson); the late Bill Sharp (of The Royal George) & Janet; Mrs Slough and the late Malcolm (Dick) Slough; Millie Staines (now Ferguson) & Rodney; A Thompson; Pauline Tracy & the late Ivan Tracey; the late Mrs Ada Toseland, Jayne & Bernard; Mr & Mrs Fred Ward; Mrs Rene Weekley & Anne; Joannie Wilding (evacuee); and Bill Wood junior.

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