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New Waste Recycling Scheme

Kettering Borough Council’s New Waste Recycling Scheme.

Geddington’s black waste bins have had a green label attached to them today (Friday 14 June) to let us know that this is the start of Kettering Borough Council’s new recycling scheme.

To start with, a NEW BLUE bin will be delivered next week (Friday 21 June), although the scheme will continue to use the black and grey bins, plus the current red box. However, there are quite a few changes to the items that can be put in each bin or box.

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Farewell to Reverend Giles Godber

A Fond Farewell

An accountant?!! With that disarming smile and friendly voice – Giles Godber an accountant?!!

Well, yes, that’s precisely what he was before being called to the church.  But we didn’t let that stop us taking him into our hearts and into the heart of our community. And now, after nearly thirteen years of his wise words, his quirky streak and the familiar red car, we are having to say goodbye to him as he rides off into the sunset, or should that be, into Somerset? Read more →

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