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Queen Street closure in May has been advised that the National Grid will be installing a new gas main in Queen Street, Geddington.

The work will take up to four days and starts on:
Monday 12th May.

During the works, the National Grid advises that it will not be possible to maintain through traffic and therefore the road will be CLOSED from
No. 40 Queen Street, all the way down to the Post Office.

The accompanying map (click on it to get full size) shows the detail and, as usual, the red line is the road to be closed and the blue lines, the diversions.

Please note that vehicular access to the Post Office & Teashop, the Chapel, the Village Hall and Askew’s Hairdressing can only be made from the north, via Bridge Street and the old bridge and ford. At this stage, has been told that access by foot should not be a problem.

If you require further information about the works, please contact Bulbul Uddin on 01724 848246.

Queen Street closure

The Regulations Senior Officer
Northamptonshire County Council
Highways, Transport & Infrastructure
Riverside House
Bedford Road
Northampton NN1 5NX


The Newsletter Lives On!

Yes … once again The Newsletter has been saved from demise!
Helen Martin of The Woodlands, Geddington will be our new editor from the summer issue onwards. Helen will be shadowing Beth during production of the spring issue prior to taking over full editorial responsibilities.


Helen, a young mother of two, moved to Geddington 3 years ago. Her family home is near Market Harborough, so Helen knows the delights of our little corner of Northamptonshire very well!


On behalf of The Newsletter committee, I would like to welcome Helen to our happy, hard-working group of volunteers. The editorial role is demanding and absolutely critical to The Newsletter continuing, so we are extremely grateful that Helen has the enthusiasm and skills to rise to the challenge.


I would also like to thank Beth, our current editor, for her tireless endeavours to ensure a ‘smooth transition’ of her Newsletter editorial skills and responsibilities … especially at a time when Beth has so much to organise with her family’s forthcoming move back to the United States. Thank you, Beth.You are a marvel!


So the Newsletter will continue to drop through your letterbox each quarter … HOORAY!!


Helen Martin - taking on the Newsletter from the summer issue

Helen Martin – taking on the Newsletter from the summer issue

Lynette Litman

Chair, The Newsletter

The Samuel Lee Memorial Lunch

The Samuel Lee Memorial Lunch took place in glorious spring sunshine on Sunday, March 9th.  Sixty-three people sat down to enjoy the meal, which was well up to the high standard we have come to expect from Classic Catering.


The toast to the Memory of Samuel Lee was proposed by Jim Harker, who gave an entertaining and nostalgic account of his memories of life in Geddington over the past seventy years.


A surprise and very welcome intervention was made by Councillor Jonathan Bullock, who presented the Charity with a grant of £500, which he had donated from his Borough Council Community Fund.


This was followed by the auction, which has become a regular feature of these occasions.  It produced some lively and highly competitive bidding and, together with an excellent raffle, helped significantly to enhance the funds of the Charity.  The total raised on the day was £758.


The Trustees acknowledge with thanks, generous contributions to the auction and raffle by Philip Hollobone, MP, the Boughton Estate, Rockingham Cars, Paul and Pam Hopkins, the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade, Askew’s Hairdressing and other donors.   The support given by them and by all those who attended is greatly appreciated.


As ever, the Samuel Lee Charity stands ready to help any resident of Geddington, Newton or Little Oakley who is in need of assistance.


John Sutton
Chairman of the Trustees


There follows an exerpt from Cllr Harker’s talk – the full speech is included in the Samuel Lee Charity page.


As I walk from my house in Wood Street to the Post Office to collect my paper every morning, I often reflect on the fact that the view that my eyes take in has really not changed at all from a hundred years ago and more. The Church is the same, the Cross is the same, the bridge is the same, the houses are the same, the brook is the same, the people I meet walking their dogs share the same “Good morning!” greeting that they have done for generations – for centuries probably. That’s what I love about Geddington – its permanence, its friendliness.  It’s home!


The Samuel Lee Charity is a good example of this permanence. For over three hundred years, the men and women of Geddington have gathered together every Christmastide, in the light of rush lamps, or candles, or oil lamps, or electric lights, over the centuries, to dispense the proceeds of this Charity to the elderly members of the village, and to remember the generosity and concern for those in need, of Samuel Lee, Ranger of Geddington Chase. May it continue for many centuries to come.

The stone tomb of Samuel Lee

The stone tomb of Samuel Lee

Postscript to the new road closures

AN  UPDATE has just been advised that:

“Work on the completion of the new road bridge and the re-alignment of the existing Little Oakley to Great Oakley road will take 2 days longer than expected.

As such the road between Great Oakley and Little Oakley won’t be fully open until the early hours of Sunday, 16th March 2014 and not early on Friday as first stated.”

This will mean that:

“The unclassified road between Newton Road and Mill Hill, Great Oakley will now be closed on the morning of Sunday 16th March 2014.”

The knock-on effect means that:

“The section of Newton Road between the Newton T Junction and A6003 Barford Bridge roundabout will subsequently be closed on Friday 28th March 2014 and will be fully re-opened on Saturday 12th April 2014.”


More Road Closures

This may not be as bad as it seems, only your travel itinerary can tell.

The constructors, Interserve Constructors Ltd, have alerted us to the following information.

“As part of the continuing works on the A43 Corby Link Road, it will be necessary to close two local unclassified roads to complete essential works.

The following closures will take place, starting tomorrow,
Friday 14th March and will be completed by Saturday 12th April.

Phase 1 – On the morning of Friday 14th March 2014, the unclassified road between Newton Road and Mill Hill, Great Oakley will be closed to allow the completion of the new road bridge and side roads. It is anticipated that this road will be fully re-opened on the morning of Friday 28th March 2014.

Local Traffic (excluding Heavy Goods Vehicles)

o         Traffic from Newton and Geddington will be diverted westbound on Newton Road to the new Barford Bridge roundabout, onto the A6003 northbound to Corby and Great Oakley.

o         Traffic from Great Oakley will be diverted down the A6003 southbound to the new Barford Bridge roundabout, use the 2nd exit towards Newton and Geddington.


Phase 2 – On the morning of Friday 28th March 2014, Newton Road between the Newton T junction and the A6003 Barford Bridge roundabout will be closed to allow the road to be repaired. It is anticipated that this road will be fully re-opened on Saturday 12th April 2014.


Local Traffic (excluding Heavy Goods Vehicles)

·        Traffic from Newton and Geddington will be diverted towards Great Oakley and the A6003 Oakley Hay roundabout.”

Tree fellers at it again!

The Sequoiadendron giganteum,

– better known to us as
the Wellingtonia tree.

This tree has the distinction of being the largest living thing on earth, although you couldn’t say that about the two trees in Queen Street, opposite the Post Office.
This tree can reach a height of over 60ft although the record is a tree in California that stands at 280ft – again, you couldn’t say that about the two on Queen Street.
This tree is also fast growing and has roots that spread out, not down.

Now this you can say about these two trees.The roots have spread so far that they are damaging the stone retaining wall that fronts the Queen Street footpath, to the point of its being dangerous.Kettering Borough Council has instructed Mr & Mrs Askew, the owners of The Croft, to rebuild the wall. Read more →

The Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Newsletter

This image is the very first front cover of
The Newsletter.

It shows exactly what the magazine does.
It delivers the News, and it’s done by a team of like-minded people who enjoy contributing to the community.

The Newsletter is in need of an editor.  In its 32 year life, it has had just four editors and only two of those were professionals.  Monica Rayne and myself were strictly amateurs and both learnt ‘on the job’.

The current Editor, Beth, will be winging her way home to the USA in the late spring, after she’s produced the spring issue, so a new editor is required.

Can you use WORD?
Can you cut and paste?
Can you insert pictures/text?
Can you work in a team?

If so, those are the basic components of editing the magazine.

Interested?  Then read more . . . Read more →

Geddington Amateur Dramatic Society

Geddington Amateur Dramatic Society

For those of you that do not know (and a reminder to those that do), Geddington has a thriving amateur dramatic group. We put on two productions each year at the Village Hall, in the spring and autumn. Read more →

The United Reformed Church – The Flower Festival

Children’s Classics is the title of this year’s Festival.  Many of the flower arrangements will bring a touch of nostalgia to those who remember the tales of Rupert Bear, Black Beauty and many more.

There are nine beautiful arrangements, one of them being produced by the Sunday School children. There are table arrangements to see when you stop for a cup of tea and some home-made cakes. Read more →

St Mary Magdalene – The Flower Festival

Treasures & Pleasures

Every year, the flower arrangers amaze us with their skills, their imagination and their ingenuity, when it comes to the annual Flower Festival. This year is no exception, so to leave room for the 22 arrangements, plus a few close-ups, let’s just quote the Chinese Proverb:
“A picture is worth ten thousand words.” Read more →

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