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Newsletter Quiz at the White Hart

Santa’s Route

Sunday 12 December from 4.30pm
– all the details below:

Scout Post 2021

In Geddington, the Scout Post will collect your Christmas Cards from the Post boxes at Cafe Oak and Geddington School and will deliver to the addresses below.

The last posting date is 15 December.

Christmas Carol Concert

Two Planning Applications

This coming Monday evening on the 9th August at 7.30pm, the Parish Council will be holding an Extraordinary Meeting in the Village Hall to discuss two major planning applications for multiple home developments in Geddington.

The first is essentially a re-submission of an existing application to build around 30 homes in a field on Stamford Road, at the back of Newton Road.
Much time has been spent on this previously, and with the help of local residents, a detailed objection entered.
We will be considering the proposed changes and resubmitting our views, which of course must incorporate the flooding events of 23rd December 2020.

Secondly, there is an application to develop an area off Grafton Road, to the side/rear of Orchard Close. Whilst residents are invited to send views and pertinent information to local Councillors or our Clerk in advance – or attend the meeting – we are particularly keen to hear the views of local residents to the second one, as it is the first opportunity for us to discuss. Email contact details are:
Parish Clerk Anita Curtis email:
Parish Council Chairman Nick Batchelor email:

We will follow up this post in due course with links on how to access the documents on-line, and again I would urge local residents to take a look, be forthcoming in their views and, of course, to enter their own response to North Northants Council if your are a statutory consultee or believe yourselves an affected party.

The Agenda for this meeting is on the Parish Council page of this website.

Annual Parish Meeting + Parish Council AGM Agenda+ Monthly Meeting Agenda


 (Annual Village Meeting)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ANNUAL PARISH (VILLAGE) MEETING of Local Government Electors (all those eligible to vote) for the above-named Parish,
will be held at the Village Hall, Geddington,
in the Hall

MONDAY 17th MAY 2021, commencing at 6.30pm

Under the Chairmanship of Mr. Nick Batchelor, Chairman of the Parish Council.  

The Annual Village Meeting is your opportunity to put forward ideas for discussion.

The meeting is open for residents to attend, with social distancing observed
and masks must be worn.

Mr. N Batchelor
 Chairman of the Parish Council
9th May 2021
(This will be followed by the Parish Council Annual (AGM) Meeting at 7pm and then followed by the May Monthly Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A G E N D A:

Anita Curtis, Parish Clerk

  1. Election of Chairman for 2021/22
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Election of Vice Chairman for 2021/22
  4. Appointment of members for committees:

     Finance, to include capital projects.
     Recreation and Environment
     Lighting / footpaths
     Road Safety
     Parish Plan
     Social Media and Communications

Appointment of parish representatives:
Flood Wardens
Rural Forum
Village Hall
Neighbourhood Watch
Samuel Lee Charity
Dallington Charity

Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer
Appointment of Internal Auditor
Register of Interests
Adoption of Standing Orders
Adoption of Financial Regulations

Approval and signature of Minutes of AGM held on 11th May 2020
Matters arising from Minutes of AGM held on 11th May 2020

Chair, Committee and representative reports:
Road Safety
Parish Plan
Neighbourhood Watch
Samuel Lees Charity
Dallington Charity
Village Hall
Youth Club

5. Any other business.

The Monthly meeting of the Parish Council will be held on
Monday 17th May 2021 at 7.30 pm.
Anita Curtis, Parish Clerk.

1.   Apologies and Declarations of Interest
2.   Public session
   a) Questions sent in by the public
   b) Reports from County and Borough Councillors
3.   Minutes of the last meeting
a) Approval of Parish Council monthly meeting draft minutes – held 22nd April 2021.
  b) Matters arising; progress on agreed actions.
4.   Finance
 a) Bank balances
b) Accounts for payment
5.  Planning                                                      Cllr Buckseall
   a) KBC Decision notices
   b) Planning Applications
 Any late application received after this agenda has been advertised will also be subject to discussion and formal comments within the meeting held on 17th May 2021, formal comments being submitted by the Parish Council to North Northants Council – Planning.
6. Code of Conduct – Discussion as to option of change to the NNC Code of Conduct.
7. Correspondence received and circulated to note or comment upon.
a) Remote meeting consultation, closes 17.6.21 (Ncalc update 1.4.21) (This agenda item was deferred from the April meeting)
b) Email from resident dated 6.5.21 enquiring about gates to the park.
8. Environment.
    a) The Geddington Brickyard Garden – theft     Cllr Batchelor
     b)  Labosport UK/Cricket Club update.      Cllr Goode
9.  Newton
10.  Little Oakley
11.  AOB

Agenda item 5 – Planning
b) Planning Applications for consideration:

KET/2020/0369: Larkfleet Homes, Stamford Road (land off), Geddington.
26 no. dwellings and all other associated infrastructure including access, drainage and public open space.
Full Application                                                                  Closing date for comments – 19.5.21.
NK/2021/0387: Mr James Ferne, 1 Stamford Road, Geddington.
Conversion of detached garage to a habitable room with associated works
NK/2021/0309: Mr Jonathan Hall, 13 New Road, Geddington.
Single storey rear extension

Anita Curtis – Parish Clerk

Election 2021

On Thursday 6 May, residents in North Northamptonshire will be able to vote for councillors to serve on the new council. A total of 78 councillors will be elected to the new council, which will replace the existing borough, district and county councils.

Residents will have up to three (3) votes to choose from the ballot options in the Ise Ward.
The nominated candidates, in political party alphabetical order are:

Conservative & Unionist Party
Lloyd Bunday, St Cecilia’s Close, Kettering
Elliot Keith Prentice, Manor Road, Kettering
Mark Edward Rowley, Grange Road, Geddington
Green Party
David Lomasney, Newton
Labour Party
John David Padwick, West Street, Geddington
Jane Pettit, address in North Northants
Tim Sharman, address in North Northants
Liberal Democrats
Ryan James White, Hedgerow Lane, Mawsley

Residents will also be able to vote for the Northamptonshire Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner and for the Parish Council.

The Geddington, Newton & Little Oakley Parish Council is made up from eleven councillors from Geddington, one from Newton and one from Little Oakley. There is the required number of standing councillors for Newton and Little Oakley, but only six nominated councillors standing for Geddington. Therefore, there will be no election for Parish Council councillors.

Pop-Up Post Office

The pop-up Post Office will be at Cafe Oak every Wednesday from 12.30 – 2.30pm.

A very warm welcome was given to Post Office employees, Raj & Ricky, who opened a Post Office desk in the Cafe Oak last Wednesday afternoon, as promised.

Ricky told that all services offered by a main Post Office, are available to all and any of those customers who turn up and support this venture.
Some of the services on offer are: bill payments, car tax, cash paid out, cheques cashed, card payments, banking, travel currency and insurance (this could be a bit hopeful at present, but we can dream!), Express Coach tickets and, of course, mailing and stamps, and so much more.

Raj & Ricky at their pop-up desk with all the necessary equipment needed to serve Post Office customers

The pop-up Post Office will be at Cafe Oak every Wednesday from 12.30 – 2.30pm.

We must also thank Cafe Oak for offering the space and facility, for free, to the Post Office. This was a generous gesture and appreciated by all those who used the services on Wednesday: the weather was kind as well.

Support for this venture will surely help towards Geddington retaining the services of a permanent Post Office once again.

Temporary Post Office

Our Borough Councillor, Mark Rowley, has advised us that a temporary Post Office will be opened in the Cafe Oak.

This is not a complete replacement of the Queen Street Post Office services, as it will only be open on Wednesdays, but it will start on:

Wednesday 14 April
and will be open from
12.30pm – 2.30pm

It will be run by Post Master, Ricky Ghuman, who is based in Kettering Post Office.

Despite not having the use of a village post office for nearly a year, Mark Rowley pleads with the residents to use this facility as a Post Office is still needed and it will be a welcome asset to the village.

Many thanks should go to Bernie & Sharon Hammond for giving space for this to go ahead, free of any charge.

Please also bear in mind that we can meet outside from 12th April (as long as Covid restrictions do not change in the meantime) and that the Cafe Oak offers a takeaway service, seating in their garden and a small amount of food from their pop-up shop.

Thefts from the Geddington Brickyard Garden

The Directors of the Geddington Brickyard Garden have asked us to publicise the following:

On Sunday, 7 March, three youths (14-16 years-old) stole 3 wheelbarrows, a wooden bench, 2 armchairs, 2 bar stools and 1 shovel – all from the Picnic Site and Activity Shed of the Geddington Brickyard Garden. These items were removed and taken to their ‘camp’ in the woodland along the Stanion Path.

Three suspects seen emerging from the woods on the Sunday were verbally challenged and denied all knowledge.
The ‘spokesperson’ was tall (6′), slim, wearing a black jacket and hoodie.
Another was 5′ 8″, with curly brown, longish hair and with a hoodie.
The third was 5’6″, straight black hair with a slender build. All will have very muddy footwear!

On Saturday, 13 March, Lynette walked to the GBG site and passed four lads who had emerged from the Stanion footpath. At least one lad belonged to the ‘suspects’ from the previous theft and another was carrying a ghetto blaster on his shoulder with the volume turned high. This time, 4 wheelbarrows, a plastic table, 4 plastic chairs and some wooden pallets had been stolen and were not at the former ‘camp’. At this time of writing, (16 March) these items are still missing.

If any parent recognises these descriptions, please discuss with your youngster. We want these items returned to our community garden. We’d also appreciate all who walk in the area, to ‘keep an eye’ on the Brickyard Garden and report any suspicious activity. The GBG Directors’ contact details are posted on the GBG Noticeboard outside the garden, but are also in the paragraph at the bottom of this Post.

The Parish Council, the Rural Community Police and Boughton Estate Forestry have all been informed of the situation.
The youngsters MUST be identified and challenged to respect others and their property.

Our community garden welcomes everyone . . . and only exists due to an enormous amount of hard work, donations and support from local folk over the past 7 years. We are optimistic that we can work together to stop this anti-social behaviour.
The GBG Team: Lynette, Nicky & Brenda

Contact Details:
Tel: Lynette 01536 744 734
Mob: 07553 482907
F: Geddington-Brickyard-Garden-441898105969537

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