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Once again, the Knitting Club has stood up for Remembrance in Geddington village.

Last year, we were celebrating the Royal British Legion’s 100th anniversary by erecting a poppy arch over the entrance to the churchyard, plus poppy hangings in the church: we also wrapped a length of crochet and knitted poppies around the War Memorial in the churchyard.

This year, the club has done a similar, but slightly different display. The arch has a different colour in its look, but still remains impressive, despite surviving a couple of months in last November and December’s weather. Do visit the church, it’s open during the week as well as the usual Sunday times, the hangings are obvious and splendid and can be seen in the images below.

One new item is the wreath displayed in front of the Jubilee Celebration stone on the village green. As can be seen, it says In Memoriam, so, is it for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or for the fallen from two world wars and other conflicts? It’s a decision only you can make.

A display open to all residents and visitors

History & Heritage Society

An idea for a new Geddington Society has been proposed.

Jane Rowley comments: “In February we held a village conference where we discussed forming a Geddington Local History & Heritage Society.

To this effect, we have arranged a weekend on Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th November at Geddington School, to sort through a large number of village documents, photos etc, with the thought to then form a society, which would meet on a regular basis for further study, talks etc.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email:
Jim Harker – or
John Bennett –

We look forward to seeing you in the school, where we’ll start at 10am on the Saturday.”

A garden medicine cabinet

We all like to relax with a cup of tea to gather our thoughts and gear ourselves up for the next job on the list ….. but if our cup of tea could aid our digestion, support heart and circulation health or ensure a good night’s sleep that would be a real bonus.

Nicola Fenton, a trained herbalist, came along to September’s WI meeting to explain about the hidden qualities of garden plants. So many plants readily available in our gardens have healing properties. Prepared in different ways, they can be taken as a tea, crushed to form a poultice, mixed with beeswax to create an ointment or concentrated in a tincture.

Nicola brought with her samples of thyme, rosemary, sage and plantain to illustrate the benefits and to encourage us to try the flavours. Most found the rosemary tea quite pleasant but sage tea was a bit more of a challenge!

‘I really like this rosemary tea!’

Peppermint and lemon balm are good for digestive troubles; thyme for coughs and colds, rosemary for headaches and anxiety. Try Valerian if your sleep is disturbed, rosehips for the winter vitamin C hit, meadowsweet for heart burn and, if you don’t fancy sage in tea, try it as a toothpaste or mouth freshener.

Most surprising was the news that daisies are our natural source of Arnica and that stinging nettles are a great tonic!!

As always, the advice was to check before you drink that the plant is what you think it is and if you are on medication check with your doctor before indulging!

If you fancy joining one of our meetings, please come along on the second Wednesday of each month to the Village Hall for a 7:30pm start. You will be made very welcome.

Celebrating 100 years

In January 1923 Geddington and Newton WI was formed by a group of ladies from both villages. By February of 1923 there were 79 members!

Geddington & Newton was one of the earliest WIs to be created and the present WI committee is planning a wide ranging, year long celebration of the event . In particular we are proud to be honouring the women of the villages who were so forward thinking, exceptionally creative and socially aware.

It would be really interesting to know if anyone has any stories or memorabilia relating to the last hundred years, in particular any photographs of people or events. Was your relative a founder member perhaps?

Does anyone remember Mrs Berrill, nee Alice Winter Dryland, from Newton? She was the first president and served for many years, building the membership up to over 100!

Please get in touch via the Contact Us button if you have stories to share. We’d love to hear them.

GVFB Senior Citizens Dinner

Your invitation to
this annual dinner,
fabulous food
wonderful entertainment!

Landline down again

Once again, thieves have stolen some of BT’s telephone cables and in doing so, left significant parts of Geddington & Newton without a landline – again!

Our reporter spoke to the engineers working on the Newton to Little Oakley Road, where the thefts occurred. They confirmed that all the work they had been doing since the first theft in July, had been undone. It appears that the thieves lift up the manhole covers along that road, cut the cables and pull them out.

They continued: “Each cable contains thousands of wires and every household has 4 wires in its landline.” It’s no wonder that some lines get crossed and that the whole process takes so long.

The Newton to Little Oakley Road is not the most widely used. It is frequently prone to waste dumping, and now to cable theft.

If anybody sees anything or anybody suspicious along this road, please report it to BT and the Police.

It may be worth noting that the wire in the cable is made of copper. It cannot be easily identified and so can be sold very easily by the thieves.

The new fibre optics that BT have started to install, does not have the same appeal to thieves. However, its main drawback is that a power cut means the household does not have the use of its landline.

Garage Sale Postponed

The Great Geddington Garage Sale, which had been cancelled due to the death of HM Queen, will now take place on Saturday 24th September.

Garage Sale Postponed

The Great Geddington Garage Sale has been postponed in view of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth ll.

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