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Farmer Barnes and the WI

When the ladies of Geddington and Newton WI met this month the farm came too.

Jane Barnes is a dairy farmer’s wife with a passion for her lifestyle and the quality of the milk her family provide from their herd of cows. Her day starts early, feeding the young calves, and finishes late when she is travelling the area presenting a lively insight into farming life to groups like our WI. The milking is managed by her son, now the farm manager with very creative ideas for keeping the land, the farm and the milking sustainable. Her mantra is quality; care of the animals, care of the land and pride in the milk which goes off to their contracted dairy to produces Leicestershire blue cheeses – and very tasty they are too.

Jane challenged us to consider the role of supermarkets and governments in controlling the price of milk, raised our awareness of the health benefits of drinking milk and reminded us that full cream milk is 95% fat free. ‘There is no such thing as a semi -skimmed cow!’

It was a delightful and thought provoking session and most of us now have some delicious blue cheese in our fridge to remind us of the hard work and commitment that goes into making it.

retro ribbon – WI purple

Greenbelt Volunteers needed

And finally . . .

The Jubilee Committee sent the following: “Congratulations to Heidi on Wood Street, who won the Best Dressed Front Door. They also thanked everyone who took part – along with all the other decorations throughout the village, it was a wonderful sight to see.”

Post Jubilee

Now all the fuss has died down,
Now all the bunting is stowed away,
It’s time to get back to normal,
Time to get back to school,
But first just a look back at how it all started:

And what we all did – some outside:

And some inside:

And some a bit of both:

And lots more:

And, always appreciated, a thank you:

Jubilee Quiz Answers & Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Jubilee quizzes.
Young and old showed that their knowledge of the village was impressive!

The adult quiz (The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Quiz) produced two winners with all answers correct and one very close runner up so we decided all three deserved a prize.

Runner up was: Jenny Moulton.
Joint winners were: Christine Treanor & Diana Hollywood.

The outright winner of the Junior quiz (Geddington Crown Jewel Hunt) was Isabella Freeman.
Well done to you all!

And here are the answers:

 The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Quiz
25th May – 2nd June 2022

1. Which king was Eleanor of Castile married to? Edward I.

2. Which gentleman of Geddington served two royal princes from 1609? Robert Dallington ( as Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Prince Henry and then Prince Charles, later Charles I)

3. Who inspected GVFB in 1981? Princess Margaret              

4. What was the original name of Malting Lane? Star Lane/ Kiln Lane/ Hipwell’s Jitty

5. The Star, The White Hart and the White Lion pubs still exist. What 2 other pubs in the village were ‘royal’?  1. Royal George , Wood Street 2. Royal Oak Named for the Oak Tree once standing by the Post Office

6. Which village family produced a Royal Academician, a royal seamstress and first female registrar ? The Freestone family of 1/3 West Street

7. Which King had a coronation parade at Geddington in 1201? King John

8. In 1194 King Richard entertained which King at Geddington? King William of Scotland

9. What was the name of the private school on Grange Road attended by both local and international (rumours of a Russian princess!) students? St Albans (run by Miss Sykes, daughter of Robert Sykes, farmer, of Geddington)

10. In which year were the first five street lamps installed? 1895

11. What was villager Ann Saddington known for? Lace making

12. What is the name of the Hall in West Street that served as the Village Hall for many years? The Oddfellows Hall

13. What was ‘The Pound’ and where was it? Used to secure stray animals and situated on Grafton Road

14. Where are the houses known as ‘Coronation Row’? On the right hand side of Grange Road going up from New Road

15. When was Geddington’s stone bridge built? 1250

16. Drunken Edward Allsopp was the last person to sit in the stocks. When was that? 1857

17. There was once a shoe factory in Geddington. Where was it?  Wood Street

18. Why was the new development off Grange Road given the name Skeffington Close? Robert Sykes, the farmer who owned it and sold it to the builder, was born in the village of Skeffington in Leicestershire

19. Everyone knows Bakehouse Hill but what was the name of the other bakery in the village and where was it?  Swingler’s Bakery – opposite the Post Office

20. John and Rebecca Cooper lived in the village all their lives; their daughters went on to serve at the court of which Queen? One daughter served Queen Alexandra  and four others went to the Queen of Norway’s court in Oslo.

21. What is now built on the land of the Royal Hunting Lodge? Castle Gardens

22. Just about the time Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne, mains water arrived in Geddington but which year was it? 1951


The Geddington Crown Jewel Hunt
Take a tour of the village to find Geddington’s Crown Jewels.

Bakehouse Hill
1. No:   2          Name/inscription…in 1832 nothing happened here
2. No:   6           Name…Abbot’s Barn

Grafton Road:
3. No:  4          Name: Church Farm House
4. No:  9          Name: Quaker Cottage
5. No: 15       Name: Holly House

Grange Road:
6. No:  12     Name –

New Road:
7.  No:  1A      Name –
8.  No:  19        Name –
9.  No    21       Name –
10. No:    1        Name: Woodfield
11. No:  5A       Name –

Lees Way:
12. No:       Name: Wayside Cottage

Newton Road:
13. No:      13       Name –
14. No:    14B     Name: Sunnyside
15. No:    19         Name –

Queen Street:
16. No:   39         Name: –
17. No: 44a      Name –

Stamford Road:
18. No:     37a      Name –
19. No:    39a      Name –

Skeffington Close:
20. No:    38         Name –
21. No:    39         Name –
22. No:    40         Name –

West Street:
23. No:     46        Name: Rose Cottage
24. No:     1            Name –

Now, take the third letter of the house on Lees Way – Y 

The first letter of the name of the house on West Street – R

The second letter of the house on Newton Road – U

And the first letter of the second part of the name of the house on Stamford Road – B

Then unjumble the 4 letters to find a valuable jewel for the Queen’s crown! RUBY

Geddington – A Royal Village Exhibition

Thank you to all of you who came along to our Exhibition. Weeks of work proved more than worthwhile and we hope you were pleased to see so much of our village.

We tried to show the Royal connections to the village, and Vic Crouse’s display showed some of the earliest ones.
We also tried to show the people and events during the 70 year of HM the Queen’s reign, by allocating a table (or two) to each decade.

A special table was allocated to the May Day custom and our thanks to Brenda Miles for the loan of the two dresses. Thank you to all those who came forward with new information about May Day participants.

And where would we have been without the special addition of the W.I and their famous teas and cakes? Thank you so much for producing such a pretty 50s Tea Room.

There is always a lot of people to thank on these occasions and our list comprises of:
Jack Harker and Neil Harvey
Vic Crouse
No 3 Queen Street
Café Oak
The Copy Shop, Studfall Avenue, Corby
Brenda Miles (and Rebecca) for the loan of the May Day dresses
Alan Jones, Jenna Smith and Paul Hopkins
Quiz and Newsletter deliverers
Geddington Primary School
Esther Gordon for the flowers in reception
Andrew Heald
All past and present contributors to the Archive on the village website

However, no list is always complete, so if you gave us any help to produce this Exhibition, please accept our very grateful thanks.

Janet & Pam

Quizzers – for Seniors & Juniors

Whether you are searching for the answers to:

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Quiz or
The Geddington Crown Jewel Hunt

you have less than two days to get your forms in (by the end of Thursday 2nd June).

A Postbox in the porch of No 9 Grafton Road, is ready to receive them:

Find this at No 9 Grafton Road

Whilst there is fun in devising these quizzes, we hope that you enjoyed exploring your village and that you found out a little bit more about it, and also found corners and niches you didn’t know existed.

Don’t worry if you can’t find all the answers – we’ll take all the submissions!

Janet & Pam

The Jubilee Arms

GBG Family Fun Day

May Day 2022

In a slightly cloudy afternoon, the May Queen, her Consort and Attendants paraded through the churchyard, down to the Cross. They were followed by all the school’s pupils, who sat on chairs previously brought from the school, by adult volunteers. The sun did shine for the most part, and, of course, we had a little shower, but custom prevailed and, once again, Geddington saw one of it’s most colourful and talented customs played out beneath the Queen Eleanor Cross.

In the age-old phrase – one picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, we have 12 pictures telling a much better story.

May Queen, Consort & Attendants

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